puppet-theatreGreetings, my dear revived Souls!

I decided to tell you about the things that are taking place behind the scene of global politics since these events will open eyes of many people to all the hypocrisy, falsity and misery of the so-called “world leaders.”

The moment of truth has arrived, and everybody who can feel people’s energy and read between the lines will see all the emptiness and puppetlikeness in the direct meaning of the word of those who are going to decide the destiny of the world in Europe now.

As a matter of fact, they hardly resemble people now and they can be considered people only by those who are not the same themselves.

And despite the fact that these marionettes that were disposed open to public inspection by their puppeteers are trying to tell what they are required, all this looks comic and unconvincing.

Their gestures, looks and words remind ungifted actors’ performance that they are trying to hide behind the mask of friendliness and courtesy.

But this theatrical performance will soon come to an end, my dear, and the reason is as follows.

The struggle against the deep state that the Light Forces have been involved into for many years both at the subtle and at the physical level is reaching its completion.

At present the arrests are being made in respect of not executors but the top of the deep state this time.

And this process was procrastinated only because they have already realized that they lost, and many of them are hiding in their secret underground bunkers in hope of escaping justice.

Their numerous doubles and clones performing their parts on the surface make the work of the military who hold membership in the Light Forces Alliance harder.

Yet, even if the “originals” are still not found, it will be their doubles who will have to pay for their evil deeds and crimes against humanity since just a demonstration official juridical process like this can dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s in this tragic period of human history.

The Light Forces cannot play according to the rules of the Dark Forces that behave in a mean, cruel and underhand way.

This is what makes the operation of the Light Forces Alliance most difficult.

And this accounts for the delay in Disclosure, which worries many of you so much.

The main difference between the Light and the Dark Forces is exactly the fact that for the former each human life is valuable and important.

And while to reach their vile goals the Dark Forces can easily kill millions of people, which they were actually doing for millennia, the Light Forces have to act slowly and cautiously so as to save people from danger.

The events occurring on Earth these days are at the same time maturity test for human souls: whether they are able to feel the absurdity, falsity and hypocrisy of the performance played for them with the world leaders starring or they will take everything for granted.

I also participate in this grand event, I confess, tempting the people involved in this play and creating the situations that incite them to these or those deeds.

And right now they have no third option except taking the side of the Light Forces or the Dark ones.

There is no middle ground now. The time of compromises has gone never to return.

Each human Soul now is being tested for durability for the last time.

It has to make the final choice this time that its destiny depends on: whether it will go on its travel in the third dimension worlds or will go out in the open of the Fifth dimension having made the never-witnessed-before spiritual rise in its last incarnation.

My presence in your life can be felt by each of you since all of you have to make your choice in big and small taking the side of either the Light Forces or the Dark ones.

Remember that each thought, emotion or action of yours features this choice, for there are no trifles in human life: everything conveys this or that energy.

And depending on the energy you imbue each step of yours with you support either the Dark or the Light Forces on Earth.

But I would like you very much not to yield to my temptations any more.

They have almost had their days on this blessed Earth, too that from now on has quite a different destiny.

And I wish you to become part of this destiny entering a new wonderful era with your planet.

Sincerely loving you,

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 16, 2021.

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