feel-taste-of-victoryGreetings, my dear brave souls!

Here has arrived the last stage of your struggle with the Dark Forces.

As you see, everything has reached the point of absurdity when even most patient and law-abiding of you cannot keep silent any longer or dutifully follow the humiliating demands of the criminals at the helm.

As a matter of fact, everything that is going on is by far not accidental.

For everything to come to light – both bad and good – a lot of efforts were made by the Light Forces and by the Dark Forces, too.

And now I would like to facilitate to some extent your insight into these invisible processes that create the web of events at the subtle level of your planet before everything becomes conspicuous at the physical level.

Thus, the energy influence on people is being made from two sides, and each person takes in the energies whose vibrations are closest to their own ones.

And since time boundaries on Earth are becoming narrower and narrower, all the processes taking place on Earth are getting speeded up manifold.

So, the people tuned onto low vibration “waves” of negative energies while absorbing them become still more hardened and, as a result, start behaving sometimes in a silly and thoughtless way.

While the people who can take in high frequency “waves” of new Divine energies are striving for Love and Light still more and act in a calm, wise and thoughtful way being sure of their rightness and ready to go to the very end to defend their rights for freedom.

These are the things you can observe all around the globe.

I know that many of you often ask themselves a question: “How could the Light Forces let such thing happen on Earth?”.

To give you the answer to this question is exactly the reason why I have come to you today.

Strange as it may seem to you, the Light Forces “let such lawlessness happen” on Earth so that you could feel the taste of victory to a full extent, the well-deserved victory resulting from your own efforts.

So, the Law of the Free Will was observed for every inhabitant of Earth: both for those who live in Dark and for those who is striving for Light.

And now such separation into Dark and Light is in process not only worldwide but in terms of every single country, every working team, every family and even in terms of every single Soul.

This everlasting struggle between Light and Dark has reached its pinnacle having turned this time into galactic “firing ground”.

At either sides of the barricades there are not only people incarnated in physical bodies but whole armies of disembodied creatures: at one side as Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters and at the other one – as Demons and all sort of astral beings inhabiting the near-earth space.

Moreover, there is also confrontation of extraterrestrial civilizations taken part by both your enslavers as the Dragon reptiles, the Greys and many other earthings-hostile races, and human-friendly civilizations having membership in the Galaxy Light Federation.

And though it seems to many of you that I belong to the Dark Forces, it is actually not true.

My name was deliberately perverted by those who it was beneficial for to represent me as an embodiment of Devil so as to lead human conscience astray from very important knowledge.

And it is in that human Soul’s evolution is impossible without gaining duality experience that is necessary to get so as to ascend to another level of its development that will take place in higher worlds.

And my role was to provide people with the opportunity constantly provoking them to make their choice – in big and small – either in favour of Light or in favour of Dark.

But it has always been my cherished desire to see the choice made by one in favour Light, and this is the main thing that makes me different from demonic creatures who a lot of people associate me with at the instigation of different religious cults.

And now my Soul is triumphing as I see mass revival of people who got tired of living in slavery and who managed to overcome fear in their Soul.

I am satisfied this time as my mission has been successfully fulfilled on this planet and millions of people will never return to the darkness of duality any more having advanced to a new stage of their spiritual development.

Sincerely loving you,

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 23, 2021.

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