LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Confrontation of consciences)

life-on-new-earth-confrontation-of-consciencesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about climate change on Earth but will consider it from a different point of view.

I will tell you how collective human conscience interacts with collective conscience of each of the natural elements.

The complexity of this interaction is in the fact that on your planet there is not one collective conscience of all the inhabitants of Earth but a lot of collective consciences of the civilizations whose representatives are embodied as humans.

As you already know, your planet is a unique place where genetic experiments on different races crossbreeding are made.

Moreover, a huge number of Earth’s inhabitants possess two souls.

And this experiment is as unique since only very strong and ancient souls had the courage to choose such a destiny as coexistence in one physical body with other civilizations’ souls that are often at a much lower level of development.

On the basis of this you can imagine the unbelievably huge number of collective consciences that exist on Earth and how greatly their energy profiles range.

Among the owners of two souls there are a lot of human-reptiloid breds but there are quite a lot of human-orion breds, too.

It is these two races that long ago seized your planet and tried to hold their ground on Earth physically as well as possible literally “taking root” in physical bodies.

You already know what it has resulted in.

And now we will talk about the energy processes those inhabitants of your planet are subjects to who have two souls “neighbouring” in their bodies.

Since each of the souls belongs to its collective conscience, there is constant “tug-of-war” between them towards their own conscience.

It shows in an unceasing inner conflict that makes one worn out preventing from living in harmony with oneself.

Such conflict often causes psychic disorders that your medicine treats as a disease.

As a matter of fact, any psychic disorder is based on energy processes taking place in one’s conscience that is torn apart by the contradictions of two souls.

Each race’s collective conscience concentrating its specific features and typical energies makes a tremendous impact on each its particle being embodied as human.

And it is very hard for an individual to understand the reasons of their suffering because it is an energy conflict and, consequently, invisible one.

Everything taking place at the level of Soul and thus at the subtle – energy – level remains for a material-oriented person “behind the scene” as in the third dimension world one’s life is overwhelmed by Mind and Ego that are used to searching the reasons of their failures in the external world.

So now the time has come to reveal all the nuances of these subtle energy processes to you so as to lead a huge layer of your planet’s population to the path of revival.

For this purpose such people should not just realize the presence of two souls in themselves but also learn to control them in terms of energy so as to block the influence of the one that is at a lower stage of development.

It will help one eventually free one’s energy space from the low vibration “infiltrated lodger”, which was initially planned by one’s human Soul that has chosen the task as complex for this incarnation.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 25, 2020.

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