transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-first-meetingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you about energy interaction between a man and a woman in everyday life.

In other words, it will be spoken so far not about close relationships of a man and a woman but about the things that happen to them in terms of energy, for example, during their first meeting or simply at fleeting accidental meetings and looks at each other when their fields barely contact one another.

Since it is originally of human nature to be eager to find one’s spouse for procreation, one’s sexual energy shows itself this or that way at any meeting with a person of the opposite sex.

Some people brim with this energy, while others have just a glimmer of it.

Everything depends on age, temperament, upbringing, national traditions and also on the karmic store one has come to Earth with.

And it is absolutely natural biologically programmed interest towards the opposite sex.

What happens next when a man and a woman start getting to know each other?

Sexual energy of the former and the latter becomes fully activated so as to find out whether it is a “match” or not.

And then at the energy level there occurs quite an interesting process.

The second chakras of both of them grow bigger to the extent they can touch each other.

This is how a man and a woman meet one another at the subtle level – recognize each other in terms of energy.

Yet, really a lot depends on the level of one’s spiritual development since at this crucial moment the recognition process is joined by the other subtle sense organs of a person.

For the people of the third dimension world it is mostly the third, fourth and fifth chakras.

They also start scanning each other as if assisting the second chakra in making the right decision.

And they often contradict one another.

Some chakras can resonate with each other, while some others cannot because they feature vibration gap that is too big.

For example, a woman can be much subtler in the spiritual aspect and her fourth and fifth chakras literally repulse from the low energies of the corresponding chakras of a man whose third chakra’s energy prevails, with her third chakra energy being the weakest.

What happens in this case?

If the woman can hear her Soul, she will intuitively distance herself from the man having felt energy discord with him.

If she cannot, the powerful sexual energy of the man and the energy of his third chakra that in the third dimension world is responsible for self-assertion and other people’s will suppression can enslave the woman in terms of energy.

But their relationships are doomed to failure because freshness of sexual intercourse will fade away later, while the energy diversity of other chakras that in the physical reality is expressed as different attitude to life will not bring them happiness or harmony.

As a result, their children and they themselves will begin to suffer because the family will be reigned by the energy chaos deeply hurting children’s souls.

Most often this is what happens in the third dimension world, and this disharmony chain is initiated at the very beginning – during the first meeting of a man and a woman incapable to see and feel subtle energies emitted by their bodies that always give them the right clue.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 21, 2020.

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