going-below-surface-do-not-fall-to-bottomGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to round up with the issue of vaccines I will give you some more tips since I would like this topic not to bring discord into your Soul.

Now, when general vaccination campaign is being initiated all over the world, you should find the golden mean, the very balance, that will allow you, revealing the truth about vaccination by all the means available, to stay in calm and balanced condition at the same time.

Why is it so essential?

First of all, it is possible to communicate valid and acute information to people in different ways, too.

If you put too much of your emotions into the conversations about the world government crimes, you will be at risk to resemble mass media boosting hysteria and encouraging fear and panic among population.

In this case, in spite of the fact that you will convey information opposite the information communicated by the legal authorities, IN TERMS OF ENERGY you will be at the same wavelength of low vibrations.

I have repeatedly mentioned, my dear, that EXCESSIVE emotions – either positive or negative – convey the energy of aggression.

And even if you sincerely want to help people out of good intentions telling them about crimes against humanity and harm of vaccination but do it with excessive push, the effect can be quite the opposite.

In people’s opinion you will seem fanatic, sectarian, conspirology supporter – that is they will follow certain stereotypes according to which they are accustomed to judge people frothing at the mouth to prove their being right and aggressively imposing their point of view on others.

In order to achieve your goal you should stay perfectly calm and use EXCEPTIONALLY FACTS that are desirable to be irrefutable.

And facts like that are getting more and more numerous.

The most effective approach will be as follows: provide people with true information but let them make their own conclusions and their own decisions.

This way there will be observed the Law of the Free Will that no one is allowed to violate even out of good intentions.

Here is the second tip I would like to give you.

Do not get head over heels in the tangle of information about the current events.

Get the minimum of information to follow the things happening in the world and try simply LIVE AT THE MOMENT OF “HERE and NOW” concentrating on your Soul, your physical condition and on your energy perception.

This is what is of supreme importance to you now.

Do not get involved into endless discussions about the dangers lying in wait for humanity since by this you contribute your share – your energy – to the worst-case scenario.

I understand it is not easy to do, especially now when all the masks are removed and the play “Pandemic” by name is close to an end.

Yet, I believe, my dear, you are wise and patient enough to preserve your Soul pure at the very supreme moment in order to support yourself and others while walking the tight rope and not to fall down to the precipice just as it has already happened to many people swallowed up by the “whirlpool” of panic and fear.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 13, 2020.

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