REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (A sigh of relief)

reptiloids-and-clones-a-sigh-of-reliefGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, we have reached the most complicated point of energy exchange taking place in a child born from a reptiloid and a human and inhabited by two souls: a Divine human Soul and an earthly “curtailed” soul of a reptiloid.

In this case the energy exchange between a human and a reptiloid occurs both inside and outside.

This situation is consistent with the Universal Law “the outer reflects the inner”, too but it has double manifestation since each soul living in the child irradiates its own energy.

As a rule, it hurts both the child and their environment, for the energies inhabiting them are constantly confronting each other.

Reptiloid energy prevents the child’s Divine Soul from showing Itself to a full extent with It still being pure and innocent.

This vibration double-sidedness is especially painful for crystal children who are often born into families like this so as to gain unique experience of life lessons so hard to learn.

When in peace and harmony their two souls’ energies are in balance having some averaged vibration frequency due to which the energy background tends to be rather smooth and stable.

But with some external stimuli the energy backgrounds starts fluctuating and depending on the energies contributed to it either a Divine Soul or a reptiloid soul gets charged with them.

Let’s have an insight into the issue with the help of music that influences people greatly.

When a child or a half- human – half-reptiloid listens to hard rock or vulgar songs, in a word, to any piece of “music” of low vibration frequency a reptiloid living inside the human indulges in their native low frequency energy while their Divine particles “shrinks” because of the energies alien to it with the subtle bodies of the human getting dense to the utmost.

And the other way round, wonderful classical music and pure heartfelt songs featuring high vibration frequency influence upper chakras of the human resulting in their subtle bodies getting extended and adsorbing the Divine energy and the reptiloid soul is forced out automatically by that.

To make it easy for you to visualize this you can imagine two silhouettes with subtle bodies living inside one person.

The reptiloid silhouette is almost flat as it has only three lower chakras developed while the subtle bodies’ volume of the human’s silhouette is constantly changing depending on the energy they are supplied with.

The higher the frequency of vibrations coming from outside – from the people one contacts, from the books one reads, from the music one listens to, from the nature one enjoys – the more extended their subtle bodies get, forcing the reptiloid part out of one’s aura that is “starving” with no low frequency vibrations so dear to it.

If one starts consciously living in high frequency vibrations tracing each one’s thought, each emotion, each action and each reaction to the things happening the reptiloid part simply will not be able to exist it them since their rarified subtle bodies will leave no room for it.

It will leave the human forever and for good and the Divine human Soul will give a sigh of relief.

It is within your depth, my dear ones!

I bless you and deeply love you!

Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on January 10, 2019

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