divine-flameGreetings, my dear children!

Today I would like to make my previous message complete and tell you how you can neutralize the chips and nanoparticles you already have in your body.

I will give you the practice that will enable you to deactivate them to a full extent.

The main idea of it consists in rendering harmless the alien objects implanted into your body by means of the Divine Energy of the highest vibrations.

Why have I decided to tell you about it just today?

I see the confusion and perplexity that my message on vaccines roused in some of you.

Well, I understand that while living in the third dimension world and being responsible for the family and children you, like it or not, have to adjust to its laws even if they have not been corresponding to your spiritual needs for a long time.

Therefore, I would like to reassure you, my dear, and give you a helping hand during this hard period when your Soul struggles to cope with the desire to meet the standard of the Fifth dimension human and the necessity to survive in the third dimension world that has already had its days.

So, in the last resort, if life circumstances are such that you are vaccinated enforceably, you will now have a “magic wand” that will help you to “break the spell of the mighty Dragon”.

Let us call our practice “Divine flame”.

We will act on the premise that some of you may not know they have already had some alien elements implanted into their body that can be activated in the right time by high and mighty.

That is why I suggest each of you should do this practice as a preventive measure or a training one.

Well, having invoked all your Heavenly patrons, plunge into a meditative state…

Then ask the Flame of Universe Love to thoroughly scan all through your body so as to detect all the alien objects implanted into it.

Feel this energy starts working running all through your body…

Next, ask it to burn down everything that is NOT YOURS, NOT NATURAL, NOT DIVINE…

If there are some elements like this in your body, you may feel concentration of this energy in these or those parts of your body.

If there are no such elements, the energy will be running through it smoothly and evenly…

But I would like to ask you, my dear, to do the practice in a calm manner with no excessive emotions having completely switched off your Mind – totally trusting this Divine energy and your Heavenly patrons who will be carefully watching this extremely important process of your body purification from alien inclusions.

Stay in the meditation until the energy flow ceases.

You can do this practice every time you feel it is necessary.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 11, 2020.

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