WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (High vibration “charm”)

window-on-new-world-high-vibration-charmGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to round up with the issue of vaccinated people, I would like to focus on one more peculiarity of their behaviour.

Getting into the radius of action of 5G installations, these people start behaving in an unpredictable way.

It is connected with the fact that the nanoparticles that “vaccines” contain being “receivers” of these emissions, influence the conscience of vaccinated people in a different way than that of the unvaccinated.

Vaccinated people turn into a “source” of negative energies, which shows in terms of their behaviour in a variety of ways.

Some people get depressed, others become aggressive, while still others fall ill.

Anyway, their physical and psychic condition undergoes changes and, consequently, their behaviour changes noticeably.

Moreover, they become especially sensitive to those who, unlike them, are in a good humour featuring high vibrations.

In other words, there become keener their perception of energies opposite to their own ones.

This is what was staked on by those who created these appalling preparations and developed technologies that provoke by far the most powerful human outbursts of negative energies.

And now when the agony of the Dark Forces on your planet is at its supreme, their marionettes will do their best to switch at full blast 5G antennae that are one kind of wave influence emitters on people.

And in this case, my dear, the only thing that can help you protect yourselves from its influence is your high vibrations.

5G emission under no circumstances can resonate with a person who vibrates at the sixth or seventh chakras.

Therefore now, your main “charm” against all misfortunes becomes your high vibrations – your conscience advancing to the level of the fourth dimension.

If you manage to do so, you will be out of reach of the Dark Forces and the vaccinated people who unintentionally find themselves in the zone of their influence.

This is the reality as it is, my dear, and you have to take it into consideration.

And I see that those of you who have already made their final decision in favour of the Light Forces are ready to go up till the end.

So the only thing left for you to do is to attain stability – energy, moral and physical.

Any failure of yours is fraught with that negative energies can penetrate into your energy space and drag you back to the third dimension world.

That is why, please, try to monitor your inner state all the time and adjust it each time you feel depression, irritation, lack of confidence – in a word, any negative emotion that overwhelms you.

For this purpose you have been provided with numerous practices.

And let them become your true companions and friends during this hard crucial period of your life.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 26, 2022.

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