revelationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to let you unveil the things that are actually taking place on Earth now.

You see how fear is being increasingly stirred among your planet’s population every single day and that a lot of mainstream media are predicting humanity the third world war.

And these words are well manifested in deeds: “sabre rattling” that is shown by the countries finding themselves in total control of the secret world government.

Now anyone on Earth being far from political and military events can clearly see who on Earth represents the Forces of Dark.

Anger, aggression and at the same time despair of globalists’ marionettes are apparent to all sensible people now.

But by their warlike statements and absurd actions they just show their weakness and powerlessness to influence the forthcoming changes crucial to Earth.

The present period of chaos and confrontation between the Forces of Light and Dark has now reached the phase of “turbulence”.

And thanks to this energy and physical “shaking” there will fall down the very last masks not only off political figures but everyone too, no matter what country they live and what social strata they belong.

The things now in progress on your planet can be called “Revelation” in the global meaning of the word: unveiling of the truth in all its manifestations.

But not everyone on Earth is to understand and feel it.

And only those who can do it will be able to move to the fourth dimension that your planet is already finding herself in.

It is now when the very time of life in parallel dimensions is coming, the one that I told you about in my messages.

It resembles the way spiritually “sighted” people are walking through the crowd of the spiritually “blind”, and it is impossible to return vision to them as “blindness” was their own choice.

Everybody had time to think everything over, to analyze the situation, to search for alternative sources of information about current events.

So now everyone is reaping the fruits of their labour or inertia.

A revived person cannot remain now an indifferent onlooker of the insanity occurring all over the world.

They start acting physically or in terms of energy helping the Forces of Light to bring the long-awaited Transition closer.

And I am glad that the number of the people like these is growing on Earth every single day.

While the grey mass of “the blind” is now incapable of retarding the grand process of the Ascension of Earth with her best sons and daughters.

The fourth dimension is asserting itself, and now you are to learn to live in this high vibration space parallel to the third dimension world that is living out its days.

And believe me, my dear, it will not last long.

But without it – without the transitional period of your getting accustomed to a new reality and new energies – it is impossible for you to smoothly and painlessly plunge into the Fifth dimension that your Soul is striving for so much.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 6, 2022.

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