WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Science at humanity’s service)

window-on-new-world-science-at-humanitys-serviceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the way science will be developing in the world of the fourth dimension.

The main thing that makes it different from the present-day one is merging of theoretical scientific developments with their practical application.

It will resemble what in the third dimension world is called science and technology base.

Of course, theory as it is will still exist but the main role will be increasingly taken over by its practical application.

Moreover, a lot of your scientific postulates will be completely reconsidered since they were based on wrong data.

And it was put hand to by the very reptiloids and Orions again for whom breakthroughs in science were not beneficial leading humanity’s way to a happy and comfortable existence.

Genuine discoveries of your scientists that were often made by scanning information from the Universe data bank as it was the case, for example, with Nicola Tesla, were carefully concealed, while scientists themselves were persecuted and sometimes physically neutralized.

As you already know, censorship in terms of the ruling top was applied to all scientific discoveries with no exceptions that could influence their source of income as well as changes in human conscience, which was as important for them.

As a result, pseudo-science thrives on Earth in absolutely all spheres of knowledge, which affects not only your health but puts your life at risk.

And only in the world of the fourth dimension, with the yoke of the Dragon reptiles and their marionettes on your planet having eventually ceased, the world of science will appear before you in all its original beauty.

Discoveries in all spheres of life will harmoniously match human needs since it is for this purpose that these discoveries will be made.

In other words, it will be not science for science’s sake but science at humanity’s service.

Everything will occur by contradiction: as soon as there will arise some need in this or that sphere of your life, scientific research centers will get orders for meeting it.

Therefore, scientific developments will be initially aimed at certain result – some specific requests of society.

Besides, it will concern both exact sciences and humanities.

Let us have some case study.

So, to study the history or geography of some location on Earth there can be made an enquiry for historical information – a detailed description of all the stages of its development including the nations living there, natural and climate peculiarities, animal and vegetable kingdoms and so on.

It will help understand and follow this region’s evolution of development and get an integrated vision of the past, present and future, which can have practical application for the people living there.

As for technical developments, they will be aimed at execution of specific orders necessary for improvement in industry and agriculture.

So, the scientific world of the fourth dimension will represent synthesis of science and practice.

Primary importance will be assigned to close collaboration of scientists and local practitioners, which will allow to adjust scientific developments the way they meet customer’s needs as precisely as possible at the same time being efficient and easy to use.

In a word, it will be an exciting creative cooperation of people featuring scientific and practical habits of mind, which will bring joy both to the former and the latter.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 26, 2022.

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