WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Vibration medicine)

window-on-new-world-vibration-medicineGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk about medicine that in the space of the fourth dimension will still exist but undergo tremendous changes in comparison with what you call medicine now.

We talked a lot about the fact that the very approach to work in “classical” contemporary medicine is essentially wrong since what is taken into consideration is just healing of the human physical body.

It is this body that is being manipulated in a variety of ways, be it medicamental treatment or surgical operation.

Of course, what is at issue is not serious physical injuries when one’s life must be saved by any means and as promptly as possible at that.

The things actually in progress in your world with no exaggeration can be referred to as a one-way street because globalists who seized power on Earth both provoke people’s diseases and “save” the infected from them.

Both in the former and the latter case they get enormous profit.

How does it happen?

First, they deprive people of healthy food, pure air and water, active lifestyle and then offer them a “magic pill” from all the diseases that it entails.

And, perhaps, the most glaring example of the criminal activity of the deep state and large pharmaceutical companies has become recent years.

Having introduced in to the world an artificially produced virus, they offered humanity “panacea” for it as a variety of the so-called “vaccines” and earned hundreds of billions on it.

And though this is an apparent example of a masterminded outrage on humanity, even honest and decent doctors who have received classical medical education unintentionally follow the same pattern prescribing people preparations that cripple their health and are promoted by the very pharmaceutical corporations again.

Sometimes different medicines for hundreds of diseases do bring relief but it is always of temporary character and is also addictive, which is the main target of these medicines producers.

In a word, contemporary medicine has nothing to do with a profound and thorough approach to the human body, that is, to work not only at the physical body but also at subtle ones, as well as at finding out actual causes of diseases.

But this is what will make the basis of the fourth dimension medicine.

Chemical medical preparations will be replaced by natural ones, while the recovery of the physical body will become multilevel.

After careful research and revealing of true causes of a disease, psychosomatic first of all, healing will be carried out in several stages.

Most attention will be paid to human conscience – the changes it has to go through so as to prevent the mistakes all over again that resulted in deviations in the functions of this or that organ of the body.

Then “ruptures” in subtle bodies will be identified.

The elimination of them, as well as smoothing of subtle bodies will be mutual work of the healer and the patient, which will be a guarantee of one’s ultimate recovery.

Energy work will become the main integral part of healing.

As for the work on the physical body is concerned, you will be provided with the support of most cutting-edge technologies, extraterrestrial ones among them too, that will be based on the vibration peculiarities of each organ and opportunity of their regeneration.

And, of course, in the fourth dimension medical services will be free and available to everyone.

So, people who will be able to settle in this high vibration space will be prepared to the next stage of their existence in the Fifth dimension now where self-healing will become accessible to you, as well as more efficient work on transformation of your physical bodies.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 25, 2022.

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