LIFE ON NEW EARTH (From freedom to slavery and back again)

life-on-new-earth-from-freedom-to-slavery-and-back-againGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well now, we move on to practical part of building society on new Earth and relationships between people based on new principles.

I know that for many of you right now it is hard to imagine society with no power institutions, employers and employees, social and financial structure – in a word, all the multistage hierarchy in all the spheres of life that lays and has always laid the foundation of human society.

Yet, let us study history a little and trace how this hierarchy came into being and what it was maintained by.

As you already know, in the early days of humanity when people were free from reptiloid influence they lived in communities, with their relationships being based on natural exchange and every person contributing to the community in accordance with their talents and abilities.

Some people were farming, some others were doing some crafts or building houses, still others were bringing up children.

Everyone did the thing that one was best at and that brought satisfaction to oneself and people around.

No one had bosses in the present meaning of the word. And it was accounted for by the fact that no one had to MAKE people do something or SUPERVISE them working.

Since all the people were doing their favourite work, they were doing everything with full dedication anyway.

And only after reptiloids’ arrival at Earth who due to their energy structure were unable to nourish on the high vibration energies that were reigning Earth and were generated by people, relationships between people started to change.

The duality introduced to your planet by reptiloids gave rise to a new type of relationships that were based exceptionally on the principle “Divide and rule”.

Thus, being deprived of their native high vibration energies that they felt safe and freely indulged in creativity in, people gradually got to know the energy of fear that in its turn originated a whole bunch of various feelings and emotions of the lowest vibrations – such as envy, greed, aggression, flattery, hypocrisy and so on and so forth.

And while in the early days, in the Golden Age of humanity communities were guided by wise and light souls who were not controlling people but simply supported them with good advice, then people found themselves under control of the creatures who with all means available initiated in humans low energies that reptiloids were living on.

In the course of time they succeeded in creating the society in their image and likeness on Earth.

Multistage power pyramid of the Dragon race moved on Earth getting embedded into all spheres of human life: political, social, religious, financial.

Collective reptiloid conscience functioning in compliance with clear-cut programme has also made huge impact on collective human conscience having penetrated into the latter’s subconscience.

As a result, once free human has turned into a slave dutifully fulfilling the will of the SUPERIOR.

So now, the state of affairs on Earth is that at the helm of your planet there are reptiloids and their protégés only.

It is them who decide the destiny of millions of people that they now have led to the brink of the precipice in attempt to subdue their conscience by means technologies developed by reptiloids in coalition with human-hostile extraterrestrial civilizations.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 23, 2020.

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