REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Energy vampirism programme)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!reptiloigs-and-clones-energy-vampirism-programme

Today I would like to focus on the energy aspect of your interaction with reptiloids.

As you have already understood from my previous messages these creatures, indistinguishable in outward appearance from humans, have no Divine Soul and, consequently, possess quite different vibration frequency.

In terms of energy they are much weaker than humans and that’s the reason why they constantly need energy inflow to survive in this world.

They get this inflow by all means available from the people around them.

In fact, they “feed” on human energy. And the greater the number of people surrounding them is, the better they feel.

A crowd or energy chaos turns into a real feast for them.

But it is low frequency energy that is their slice of the cake.

Therefore, they make the most of all the tools at hand to initiate this kind of energy generation by their side or in their environment.

People suffer from this a lot because they often don’t understand their behaviour, they become tired of long idle talks on boring and unpleasant topics or of their picking quarrels up from the ground.

The thing is that reptiloids find uncomfortable living in the high frequency energy of Love and harmony that are discordant to their own ones and they start tormenting people with faultfinding, critical remarks and insult in order to provoke powerful negative energy release they need.

It is reptiloids who are the most powerful energy vampires.

They do this unconsciously as a part of the implanted programme of surviving on Earth.

So, my dear ones, what should you do if there are reptiloids in your environment?

How to protect yourselves from energy vampirism?

Before all, make sure you are energy protected as often as possible, which will safeguard you from their attacks.

Moreover, you should make it a rule to ignore their biting and stinging remarks now being aware of what they are caused by.

Let their poisoning “arrows” fly to the winds passing through your rarified Divine subtle bodies.

Try to find the way that suits you most to whittle away all their attempts “to get charged” with your energy.

The most efficient way will be your UNCONVENTIONAL RESPOND to all their stinging and biting remarks.

This is what puzzles them because they have got used to living according to certain programmes and think in a standard way.

And if you act not the way they expect they will get confused and droop not knowing how to react.

Be creative, my dear ones, show keen and quick wit so as to protect yourselves from unwelcome intrusion of hostile energy into you aura.

Children who find themselves in a reptiloid environment have the hardest time.

They can’t safeguard their energy space, so they just submissively supply the vampire with energy.

Do your best, my dear ones, to protect your children until they mature and can manage it themselves.

Simply imagine you set up energy protection for them just the way you do it for yourselves.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on December 19, 2019

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