WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Non-existing virus)

window-on-new-world-non-existing-virusGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to consider the issue of Earth’s population vaccination globally so that you have a clearer picture of who and why has made it mass.

We will start with the fact that the human body features such a high index of durability that during minor illnesses it does not need any help from without.

And the fact that now there have become widely spread vaccines for almost non-existing diseases is a violent intervention into the natural immune system of humans.

As a matter of fact, vaccine is not an antidote for some disease but, on the contrary, its microscopic “infusions” into human bodies.

This procedure is based on the statement that this way the human body is getting used to this disease and in case it befalls it, it is lived through much easier.

Yet, in fact, this disease can befall one individual in a million but the vaccine for it is injected into billions of people.

As a result of such artificial interference, the natural process of all these people’s bodies is upset, which leads to their immunity depletion.

The same happens when a person takes some medicine for a disease. Even if it works for some time, as a result of side-effects produced by the medicine, other organs of their body begin to be affected.

Remember how many “possible” side-effects are sometimes enumerated in descriptive notes of medicines.

Well, any vaccine is the very “medicine” again, more aggressive at that, since it immediately gets into the bloodstream and spreads all over the body.

In recent decades there have become fashionable the expression of “viral disease” and so as to protect people from “viruses”, dozens of different vaccines are being developed.

But I will tell you that virus as such simply does not exist in nature.

And the main proof of it is that no scientist or doctor has managed to single out or show to the public the very “virus” that struck the world with the “horrible” disease under the title of “covid”.

All this is as falsified as “vaccines” themselves.

Of course, it is hard for a common person to believe that whole scientific societies and numerous institutions have been busy with a non-existing problem.

But if huge money was invested into such programme’s development, it should be worked off somehow.

Consequently, a lot of scientists, even honest and decent ones, were led the wrong way by those who it was beneficial for.

And it was beneficial for those whose task is not to save humanity but annihilate it, which is now in progress at an accelerated speed.

So, “virology” has become one of the points in this horrible plan alongside with such crimes as creating of gene modified foodstuffs, poisoning of drinking water and sanitary goods with fluorine, dispersion of harmful substances from airplanes, low frequency irradiation and many more that humanity is not aware of yet.

But let us come back to “viruses” and “vaccines”.

The things that scientists persistently call “viruses” are actually bacteria of the natural origin that interact with the human body in a natural way.

To some extent, they are even useful since they provoke the purification of the body from chemical waste, which happens in the period of the so-called “seasonal diseases”.

In such cases the body should be supported by organic means only, by the ones, in cooperation with bacteria as natural, that are designed to deliver the human body from the “dirt” accumulated in it.

And any external interference as “vaccines” or “chemical” preparations can just enhance upsetting the balance of the natural processes in the human body, even if they do bring temporary relief.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 17, 2023.

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