WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Spiritual pilot)

window-on-new-world-spiritual-pilotGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to give you one more advice concerning the way you can use your sixth chakra in everyday life.

Since the fourth dimension is energy space that almost lacks duality and the energy of Unity comes to the picture, relations between people gain quite a different character.

But as you still live in combined energy space plunging now into these energy, now into those ones, your “third eye” can become some kind of a spiritual “pilot” for you that can successfully lead your way preventing you from third dimension “running aground” and take you to the safe open of the fourth dimension.

In other words, it can find such people and such situations that correspond to your present-day vibrations thereby extending “affected zones” of new high vibration energies on Earth.

We have already talked with you more than once that in recent years there have taken significant changes in time parameters and they go on changing.

That is why the Laws of the Universe work in a different – accelerated – way, too.

And the Law of Attraction is no exception.

So, while it used to take you years to find congenial souls, now it happens much quicker.

And it is accounted for by the fact that new high vibration energies that are coming to Earth literally “magnify” people making the energies most typical of them concentrated.

As a result, both positive and negative qualities characteristic of a person are becoming so apparent that it is impossible to conceal them.

It will make the work of your “third eye” – your intuition – much easier.

If you had to “watch” another person for a long time before so as to identify their true colours, now it happens almost immediately.

And it does not matter if you feel your sixth chakra or not – everything depends on your individual peculiarities of the subtle level perception.

In this case the result is of importance: whether your intuition went off or not.

You already know that your Higher Self provides you with instant impulse – the very first one before your Mind and Ego have time to “join in the work”, the ones that unlike your Soul are guided by the laws of the third dimension world.

Well, it is for you to hear your Soul’s hint that it engages your “third eye” helping you “see” what will be beneficial to you – not only in the spiritual aspect, besides, but also in material one.

And now you can establish a reliable and inseparable bond between your Soul and sixth chakra.

For this you should do the following.

Invoke the Energy of Ascension and ask it to make a permanent “communication channel” of your Higher Self and your sixth chakra so that from now on you can look at the world not only with your physical eyes by also your “third eye” – your spiritual vision.

Make a clear intention for it to become your first-priority one and guide your life with confidence.

How can you understand that such “a communication channel” has been established?

The one who percepts energies keenly can feel their motion near their upper chakras – from the fourth to the seventh one.

And those for whom this is inaccessible so far can check it in practice switching their intuition on every time they need to make some decision and it does not have to be a crucial one – it can be a simple one.

If you learn to catch the very first impulse not turning on your Mind and make decisions in accordance with this impulse without any reasoning, it means such a communication channel is already established.

As for confirmation of your decision to be right, now it comes quite fast thanks to time frames becoming narrower, which we mentioned about in the beginning.

But, as usual, I only give you the main direction of your spiritual work.

And you go on being creative: turn this new approach to your life into an exciting game treating your “third eye” as a Divine “torch” that lights your way to Ascension.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 15, 2022.

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