WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Heavenly “matchmakers”)

window-on-new-world-heavenly-matchmakersGreetings my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on talking about what the people who already find themselves at the threshold of the fourth dimension should be guided by while searching for the one they would like to live side by side.

Of course, in this case “searching” does not imply the artificial methods of the third dimension world, with hundreds of thousands of people finding “life’s companions” by means of different dating websites or social networking in the internet.

As a rule, such unions become as artificial as the very method of getting acquainted like this.

Why has it become popular so quickly?

The reason is the same here, too: this is the way globalists try to “digitize” even the most intimate sphere of human life.

We have talked a lot with you about the fact that all social network websites are but a trap for gullible human souls who do not think about that to put their life for show is not only unethical but also dangerous both physically and in terms of energy.

As a result, for many people the purpose of getting acquainted is either profit or entertainment.

And the rare pure souls that really dream about meeting their dear better half often get “entangled” in these tricky electronic “nets” rising to the fly of frauds, clones, reptiloids or other low vibration creatures embodied as humans.

It is only possible to really feel a person off-line during an immediate physical contact looking into each other’s eyes, not always though – so accustomed the third dimension world people have become to seem better than they actually are.

But, fortunately, those who have managed to increase their vibrations to the level of upper chakras can now scan information about other people “passing by” external manifestations and see their genuine essence.

On the one hand it can be called an advantage and from the other hand, such a profound vision of the people around brings a lot of disappointments to such people since not many human souls that find themselves next to them are similar to them in terms of both spirit and energy.

Yet, one should never lose heart.

Instead of this try to use your spiritual “tools” which are energy practices, ability to communicate with your Soul, applying for help to Safeguard Angels and your Heavenly assistants.

A lot of people forget about the fact that the Forces of Light are always happy to help you but in compliance with the Law of the Free Will they wait for you to ask for it – it can be said, for a certain “task” that they will be glad to fulfill for you.

Therefore, my dear, always try to make your application to them as clear as possible and, for your part, visualize the qualities of a man or a woman you would like to meet as vividly as possible, in the minutest details but within reasonable limits, anyway, so that your dream can be “reachable”.

And, of course, be very attentive to all the signs and clues that by all means will be sent to you by your assistants from the subtle level.

Now, when thanks to new energies time parameters on Earth have started changing, one’s desires come true very quickly, while the Law of Attraction helps people find each other according to vibrations.

That is why it is quite possible that still finding yourselves in the third dimension world you will manage to meet the one who you will be able to move to the fourth and then to the Fifth dimension with.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 27, 2023.

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