TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Energy of the Great Central Sun)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-energy-of-the-great-central-sunGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you in more details about the Energy of the Great Central Sun that many of you already successfully use in your everyday life.

The Great Central Sun is the main celestial body of your Universe.

It has taken in all the flame power that is designed not only to warm galaxies and their inhabitants but also to clear them from filth – heavy low vibration energies.

And such purification by means of fire is, perhaps, the most efficient method since not a single negative energy can withstand the energy of that high vibrations featured by the Great Central Sun.

So, what happens when you invoke this energy for help?

Getting connected to the energy channel of the Great Central Sun, you become its conductor and at the same time “pave its way” to the object or sphere of its influence on Earth.

For example, when you invoke the Energy of the Great Central Sun for Earth purification from reptiloids’ influence, you initiate interaction chain of its energy with these beings.

Then the following takes place.

Myriads of beams emitted by the Great Central Sun and possessing conscience of their own respond to your pure intention and start scanning all the surface of Earth.

They see very well all the energy structure of reptiloids’ programmes that like a spider’s web has wrapped around Earth.

And they begin destroying this structure burning down by their energy the threads of this “web”, which introduces chaos into collective conscience of reptiloids who are used to living according to clear-cut programmes that for millennia have been sent down by their masters.

The same thing happens when you ask the Energy of the Great Central Sun to clear your energy space from low vibration energies.

They can be both your own negative thoughts or emotions making energy blocks in your subtle bodies, and alien negative energies directed towards you.

The Great Central Sun’s beams unmistakably find bundles of heavy energy poisoning your energy space and start burning them down making your subtle bodies free from unwelcomed “burden”.

Yet, it should always be remembered, my dear, that having freed from it this way you simply gain ONE-TIME help from above.

And if your conscience does not change, then again you will fill your subtle bodies with alien energies that will turn into heavy blocks that like stones will drag you down to the bottom – to the third dimension world you are striving to break free from so much.

No one can protect you from negative energy but you.

While all the high vibration energies spoke about in my messages are given TO SUPPORT you in hope that encouraging your vibration increase they will eventually help you emerge from duality and reach the long-awaited harmony, peace and quiet of your Soul.

And the Energy of the Great Central Sun is one of such energies – powerful and efficient.

Invoke it as often as possible and do not forget to thank it for wisdom and Love.

Yet, the greatest manifestation of your gratitude to it will be the change of your conscience and the ability to keep your energy space pure and harmonious.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 7, 2020.

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