Our Mutual Ascension (Merging with Mother Soul)

our-mutual-ascension-merging-with-mother-soulGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we’ll speak about the buddhic body, where an information about your previous lives is stored, and which is a “thread” connecting you with your Mother Soul.

A person, who is capable of going back to his previous incarnations during meditations or through hypnotic regression, would understand a great deal of what’s happening to him currently, because he could follow the entire chain of cause and effect, connecting together all the events of his current life.

But you must be ready to do that, dear ones, because you might see such shocking things about yourself, that it would make an impression on your subtle bodies as feelings of guilt and remorse.

In reality, you must look at your previous lives with the eyes of an unprejudiced observer.

You must understand that unlike your current life, where you may change a great deal, your past lives are already –  a past stage, your earned experience, which was necessary for you, which helped you to reach the higher level of spiritual development, which you presently possess.

Imagine yourself as a mountain climber, who have been patiently climbing to the summit of the mountain, overcoming unbelievable difficulties. And now he has reached his goal.

And now he does not have to descend back. He has walked his path to the end, and this summit is his “trampoline” towards the Ascension – towards a new life in another dimension.

But believe me, dear ones, the knowledge of your karmic “biography” is not necessary.

Even if you won’t have an opportunity to immerse in the past, it won’t stop you from moving forward, because now you are given all the necessary knowledge for development of your Soul; as well as for the transformation of your consciousness and you physical body into the light crystalline body.

The most important thing for you now is “crystallization” of all the knowledge you have received: “sifting” of all that is not necessary, artificial and alien; so called separation of the grains from the shafts, of which so much has been said in the messages from the Higher Powers.

You need to swim back to the surface from that wild current of information about the Ascension of Earth, which is flowing from the Internet and different esoteric publications, in which you are drowning. And after you regain your breath, you must concentrate upon yourself – on your feelings, physical, emotional, energetic.

You need to direct all the accumulated knowledge into the practical channel, and your sixth chakra would help you to accomplish that.

For that I’d like to offer you the following.

After reaching a meditative state and calling all your Spiritual guides, call your Mother Soul through your sixth chakra with a request to “transform” all the experiences accumulated during all your lives in the three dimensional world into Light and Love.

Do not hurry, sit quietly for as long as possible. Listen for your feelings in the sixth chakra.

It may “tremble” from joy, may be filled with warmth, may start pulsing or moving clockwise…

Everyone would experience it differently, but you would definitely feel how it responds to your request.

You can do this meditation several times, until you feel that your earthy cycle is completed and you are ready for Ascension.

And every time when you are ready to merge with your Mother Soul, imagine your sixth chakra, which like an umbilical cord connects you with it.

Feel your original energy, which you have been missing during many many centuries of your wondering in the three dimensional world…

I bless you for that, dear ones!

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 27, 2018.

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