Our Mutual Ascension (Cliches and stereotypes of the Causal body)

our-mutual-ascension-cliches-and-stereotypes-of-the-causal-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I would like to conclude our conversation about the causal body and tell you of its other characteristic.

And that’s what it is.

In spite of being the body of fairly high vibrations, causal body sometimes contains within itself a collection of cliches and stereotypes.

But they already have a different character than the ones in the lower bodies. They could be called “spiritual stereotypes.”

It pertains to religious dogmas, philosophical teachings, moral principles – in other words, all that is relevant to the moral side of the human life.

But in spite of that, they still remain stereotypes, because they limit human consciousness into the narrow boundaries, not allowing it to be raised to the new higher level.

Why does it happen?

As a rule, a person starts his spiritual development, based upon the teachings of famous philosophers, religious figures, historians, or spiritual leaders, where he finds clearly formed concepts and foundations.

If such figures are guite famous and respected names in the society, a spiritual seeker believes them unconditionally, accepting everything as the truth from the higher authorities.

If he is especially interested in something, he starts to seek other literature on the same subject, subconsciously trying to find more proofs of the theory he likes.

And gradually he himself starts to be the follower and proponent of one or another teaching.

It is the path of almost every person, who try to transcend the boundaries of the material life and to gain a higher – spiritual – meaning of his existence.

But you must remember the following, dear ones.

All the spiritual teachings, except the ones that have been received directly from the Higher Powers, has been created by the people, which means they have a subjective character and they involuntarily carry within the impressions of personality, mental characteristics and the level of spirituality of the person who created them.

And then his mental reflections and conclusions had been picked up and continuously repeated by other people, and with time they become transformed into cliches and stereotypes, which has been collected in the causal bodies of his followers.

And I will give you several advices how to avoid your dependence on the opinions of others and to start progressing independently.

First, remember an expression, “Do not create an idol for yourself.”

It contains a very deep meaning within, because it is precisely “an idol” who can make spiritual slaves out of those, who are not able to think independently.

Blind faith in something or in someone is what creates fanaticism in all its expressions.

Remember how much blood has been spilled for “religious convictions,” how many wars have been started “in the name of God,” which means how many “cliches” have been collected in the causal bodies of the people…

Therefore, always avoid fanatically inclined people, regardless under which banners they hide.

Second, believe yourself, your Soul, your heart!

Converse with them more often. Raise from the depth of your memory true Divine knowledge, which lives in each of you.

Do not attempt to embrace the unbounded. To be an erudite, filled to the brim with spiritual knowledge, does not mean to be a spiritual person.

It is possible to radiate a great wisdom and Unconditional Love, which would be enough for a hundred people, without reading a single book; because you have all the knowledge within you, which only waits for you to open it and bring to the surface the depth of your heart.

And these are not simply beautiful words.

Observe people, nature, plant and animal kingdoms!

Make your own conclusions, listening to your inner voice more than to what others are saying, often attempting to enforce upon you their own vision of the world.

And lastly, never argue with anyone, stubbornly fighting to defend your point of view.

Allow other people to have their opinion, which may be not less valuable, even if it does not coincide with yours.

Listen keenly to it: may be it would allow you to open new horizons and by doing that to avoid your own stereotypes, which may collect in your causal body.

Try to find a golden mean in everything, which would allow you to combine naturally other people’s experiences with your own, and always remember that the development of your Soul and expansion of your Consciousness are truly UNLIMITED!

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 20, 2018.

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