My “Resurrection”

my-resurrectionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now it is my turn to speak with you.

After you have learned the true story of our lives; of Yeshua, my beloved son, Mary Magdalene and their children; I’d like to tell you how my soul has started the path of Service and why I have become so dear and close for you.

Of course, dear ones, the idea of the immaculate conception has been an invention of the church for imparting “divinity” for my son.

In reality, Yeshua was born as all children are born from my beloved husband Joseph.

But from the very beginning, we realized that our child was unusual, because the Heavens have sent us signs more than ones that the Higher Powers protect and take care of him.

That’s why we gave him to the Essenes for his education, who then were considered as saints, who had come from Heaven.

We realized that he would have his unique life path and never interfered with his destiny.

Joseph had died very early, and I had to endure alone the most tragic events connected with my son.

After his second trip to India, Yeshua have told me so much about his mission, and I’ve known before what kind of destiny was awaiting him at the end.

I have accepted his Teaching with all my heart, and after his exit from the Earth plane, together with Mary Magdalene I tried to explain to the people the foundations of this Teaching, telling them about the laws of the Universe and the Divine origins of men.

What’s happened after my departure from the Earth plane was similar to some kind of “Resurrection.” And that’s why.

Thanks to the legend of the immaculate conception, people started to regard me not as a regular earthy woman, but as the “Mother of God,” worshipping me and asking for help and protection.

At that time, I had stayed with my Star family in the seventh dimensional space, and that’s why I had been able to “catch” these energy currents flowing to me from Earth, carrying in itself the suffering of the people and pleas for help.

My Soul could not remain indifferent to that, because I remembered my earthy life and my own suffering.

In response, I sent to the people all my motherly gentle care, my Unconditional and Unlimited Love – the energy of the highest vibrations, which were able to dissolve low energies of pain, suffering, fear and despair.

And people felt better, after being released from their heavy “burden,” which in turn transformed the space around them, and then the events developed following completely different scenario.

The people considered that a miracle and worshipped me as a Saint.

Gradually, you started to call me “Mother” and it pleased me greatly, because I really love all of you as I love my Yeshua, and he had always called me Mother.

You “Resurrected” me with your love and trust, returning me to Earth, but in a different subtle quality.

And now, dear ones, I am always with you. That is my Service, which brings so much joy and happiness to my Soul that I would never exchange it for anything.

The particles of my Soul had descended to Earth more than once, incarnating in different bodies, but especially many of my particles are on Earth now, at this crucial for the planet time.

But Mother Soul of the one, whom you call Mother Mary, invariably stays with you, warming you with her warmth and Love, and I always hear each of you.

And now I say farewell, my dearest beloved children.

Mother Mary spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 30, 2017

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