My life without Yeshua

my-life-without-yeshuaGreetings, dear ones!

I also would like to speak with you, because I have seen that you perceived a story of our life with Yeshua with so much love and sympathy like you had shared our path with us a long time ago.

And today I’ll tell you what happened right after Yeshua’s departure.

Soon after his Ascension, I departed to India, joining a big caravan, which was going to the northern part of India, and traveled an already familiar road for the third time.

I could not wait until the time I would embrace my children, who have become the main purpose of my existence.

The words cannot describe the joy that we were feeling after meeting each other again. Only after I have embraced and pressed them to my bosom, my heart started to melt after everything I had experienced in Jerusalem.

Although my beloved husband was coming to me in my visions and in my dreams, I really missed him in real life.

I lacked that spiritual fortitude and courage that he had possessed and unintentionally had given to me, when we had been together.

Left alone, I started to feel lonely and weak.

I understood that I could not completely substitute for Yeshua in Service, that it has been the destiny of men, and the lot of women has been to nurture children and  simply to help people, giving them our warmth and Love…

Fortunately, our dear benefactors were still alive, although they have grown old through the years.

They have treated our children as their own. Our children were well fed, well dressed, and were educated in the good  school in the Tibetan monastery.

They considered India their own motherland, although they knew about their origins.

Our son was already eleven, and our daughter was eight years old.

They both looked like their father and I could not take my eyes off them. They looked at me with Yeshua’s eyes, and my heart was filled in turns with happiness and with great sadness.

I understood that no one, even my dearest children, could be a substitute for my beloved husband – my true half, with whom I had literally united during the years we had lived together.

But I had to find strength within myself to live for the sake of my children, for the sake of Mother Mary, broken with sorrow, who was waiting for us in Jerusalem.

I had to be strong as I had promised Yeshua before his departure.

I stayed in India for several months, enjoying our interaction with children and our beloved host family.

And then I had to make a very difficult for me decision – to leave my son in India, because he was completely filled with the spirit of this country.

But that time, he regarded Buddhism as a way of life and as a Divine Teaching, which he wished to study more deeply in the famous Tibetan monastery.

I decided not to oppose his wishes, realizing that he would feel strange and lost in another country.

I myself took him to the monastery, and was convinced that he would be happy there, such a great energy of peace, love and bliss emanated from this place and from the monks, who lived there.

I told my son everything that have happened with his father, and he accepted it with all the understanding he was capable of for his eleven years.

Of course, he could not realize in full measure all the greatness of what  have happened with Yeshua, but he understood that his father has been a Great Soul and a “magician,” who could show people real miracles.

After saying farewell to my son, Sara and I embarked on our return journey, which lasted one month.

My little girl warmed my heart and life without Yeshua did not seem so lonely and empty anymore.

We stayed in Jerusalem for a short period of time, because neither I nor Mother Mary, who had buried her husband many years ago, did not want to stay in the country where everything at every turn reminded us of our beloved Yeshua.

And we went to Italy, where I was born, where our new life started, which has been long and relatively happy.

We tried to share with the people the knowledge which Yeshua has been teaching, and were very happy to see how soon his Teaching was spreading around the world.

We always felt his presence and support.

It seemed as he was leading us through life, always coming for help and giving us advice in difficult moments.

And you, dear ones, don’t you also feel that he is warming you with his warmth and love, sending you his signs and hints from Heavens?

Mary Magdalene, who loves you sincerely, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 28, 2017

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