You are capable of creating miracles

you-are-capable-of-creating-miraclesGreetings, dear ones!

Today I come to speak with you as with the people who are very close and dear to me.

I am very pleased that after the series of messages, which have been given to you by the Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, you learned the truth about my life and understood that in spite of the tragic end, from the point of view of the three dimensional world, my life has been very happy, bright and intense.

I have been surrounded by the love and understanding of my loved ones, which has given me so much power, joy and inspiration.

The Creator have gifted me with the meeting of my beloved woman – my priceless twin flame, which doesn’t happen often on earth.

I have known the joy of the fatherhood, in spite of the fact that I have not had much time to be with my children.

My destiny has been very benevolent to me, sending me Heavenly gifts in the form of interaction with the Higher Powers of the Universe, and also with the numerous signs and prompts during the difficult times.

I was lead by the hand on that path, which my Soul has chosen, and I am immeasurably grateful for that.

The fact that I could realize my Divinity, while being in a physical body, in those times has been a real miracle, and it has become possible only because of the help from Heavens.

But today, dear ones, such a miracle is accessible to all, who have started on the path of Service, and I will explain why.

What’s happening with the Earth now is a very real Transfiguration and Ascension, spiritual and physical, for her and her beloved children as her indelible particles.

Those of you, who have entered in the orbit of her Transfiguration and Ascension, raising your vibrations to her level, are capable of creating what I have done a long time ago, resurrecting by the transformation of my physical body.

But your Ascension and Resurrection would have a completely different character.

First of all, they will be mass events.

And another difference will be, that your Resurrection in reality would  mean an awakening of your Soul from a deep spiritual sleep, in which it has been submerged in the world of duality.

And the Ascension, following the awakening, would be not a departure from the Earth plane, but the Shift together with the Earth into another energy space.

It can be compared with Heavens descending to Earth in order to nourish her and you with the new Higher vibrational energies, and not with you ascending to Heavens.

That’s exactly what’s already happening, dear ones!

And I am glad to observe how you are opening up to this new reality, opening up your hearts and souls towards it with complete trust.

I see that those of you, who once were immersed in the rays of this Divine bliss, who were feeling with all their hearts the beauty and depth of the Unconditional and Unlimited Love, would never be able to return to their former lives – it would appear to them so grey, colorless and mundane, with all its selfish desires and an eternal pursuit of the material pleasures, which has become the goal of life for the majority of earth population.

And I’d like to wish you, dear ones, not to divert from this blessed path, no matter what you’ll meet on that path, no matter what tests will be given to you.

And especially now, when sensing their near demise, the Dark forces try to engage you in the last battle, you need to stay on the high ground, not retreating, not letting them destroy this gentle “growth” of Divinity, which is growing in your hearts.

Because you have come to Earth exactly for that – to be reborn yourself and to help others to be reborn too.

And I bless you, dear ones, for the Resurrection from the “death” of duality and for Ascension to the new spiritual heights of the Fifth Dimension!

And remember, that I am always near you, dear beloveds!

Yeshua, the one you are accustomed of calling Jesus Christ, spoke with you today

Chanelled by Marta on November 27, 2017

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