Our Mutual Ascension (Divine scanner)

our-mutual-ascension-divine-scannerGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we’ll continue our conversation about the atmic body and its corresponding seventh chakra.

I’ll give you one more practice, which would allow you to feel them simultaneously.

It would be very useful to be able to feel the vibrations and not to waste your time on reading unnecessary channelled messages and books, which now appear in the Internet in huge amounts.

I see, dear ones, that for many of you it is an excessive volume of information, which for the most part is not presenting real knowledge, and becoming an obstacle on the path of your spiritual growth.

That’s why your ability to differentiate a true knowledge, carrying the higher vibrations from the Higher Powers, from the numerous imitations, dictated by the astral beings lately, is your main task.

Why do I return to it again and again? Because I see that the astral beings have become very active lately, understanding that their time is running out.

The more rapidly the consciousness of a man is transforming, reaching to Divine plane, the higher his vibrations are becoming, the less chances are for the beings of the higher astral to reach him – they cannot raise to the vibrations of such a person.

But there are still very few people like that, and the astral beings initiated a really feverish activity for the so called “enlightenment” of people.

In order to save your time, energy and, most importantly, to keep the purity of your energy space, I would like to propose you one more practice, which would help you to discern the real messages from the Higher Powers.

Let’s call it the “Divine scanner.”

And that’s what it means.

Every time when you open something on the screen of your computer or in the printed book, put the text you have seen in the space of your seventh chakra and then try to move into your atmic body.

Feel whether it accepts or rejects that.

It will scan an information regarding the presence of the Divine principle within it, another words will determine the level of vibrations.

And then listen carefully to your feelings.

If your source really carries within the higher vibrations and information, received from the Higher Powers, then you would feel the Bliss flowing through your body.

Your upper chakras, sixth and seventh, would fill with warmth and start pulsing.

You may also feel the pulsations and warmth in your pituitary gland.

That’s exactly how they catch the higher vibrational signals, sent by your atmic body.

But if this information have been received from the astral being, then your upper chakras will not respond in any way. You won’t feel any physical expressions.

Of course, dear ones, I understand that such method is not possible for all of you yet.

But believe me everything is in your hands, and with time you would be able to develop your subtle sensory organs and they would be just as tangible as your vision, hearing and a sense of smell.

And the new energies, which are filling the earth and all your bodies, help very much, transforming your bodies and your consciousness, bringing them to the next level of being.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on March 3, 2018

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