cloak-of-loveGreetings, my dear beloved children!

It has been long ago since I talked to you and it had to do with the fact that at Earth were arriving powerful energies of rather masculine kind aimed at destruction of the third dimension matrix, the one that caused so much human pain and sorrow.

And to some extent it has been successful.

The world you have got used to is beginning to crumble just before eyes and it concerns almost all the spheres of your life at that.

But shortly after the period of chaos and destruction that are inevitable during transition of the planet and humanity from the dual world into the unipolar one, there will come another stage of Ascension.

And then Earth will be receiving quite different energies – milder and gentler that can be generally called feminine ones.

But for this to happen as soon as possible, I would like to ask you to start invoking these energies already now, the ones that humanity is in such need of to make a balanced transition into the fourth dimension space at the threshold of which you find yourselves now.

And this is what you should do for this.

As soon as possible invoke me and Virgin Mary and ask to pass our energies through you to anchor them at Earth.

It is quite possible that you will feel them softly and gently cloaking you and pouring into your energy space through your crown chakra and pineal gland.

Try to feel them keenly with each chakra of yours as long as they are descending lower and lower till they reach the first chakra…

And then in thoughts direct them further on – to the centre of Earth.

If you are in harmonious condition, by all means you will feel the way your spinal gets straightened that in this case is an energy “rod” along which our energies run.

And now I will explain to you why I speak not only on my behalf but also on behalf of Virgin Mary.

The main reason is, before all, that we are very close in terms of vibrations since we are the feminine aspect of Divine energy.

Yet, there is one more reason.

The one you are accustomed to calling Virgin Mary is, as a matter of fact, one of my own Soul’s particles finding itself at a lower level of the subtle world.

It allows her to interact with you in a much more tangible manner than me and show at Earth almost physically, which has been witnessed a lot of times and especially recently.

Her Unlimited and Unconditional Love can work miracles healing souls and bodies of millions of people.

And now during the most challenging and crucial period of Transition she is working day and night for the sake of humanity assisting the transition into a new dimension for many pure and light souls who for these or those reasons cannot live through this unique experience in their physical bodies.

These are elderly people who have no time left now to transform their bodies into light crystalline ones, and military men who fell at the battle grounds, and small children who had no right to make their own choice and left the physical level through violent death or because of the wrong decision made by adults and many more – those whose Souls were potentially ready to make Transition in their physical bodies but life circumstances did not let them do so.

Moreover, combination of our energies features one more advantage.

Virgin Mary is an intermediary energy link between me and people, which facilitates making my energy a little “adapted”, with its vibrations being too high for most of you.

Nevertheless, my energies are of great importance to humanity since a lot of mature souls can take them in and subconsciously redistribute them the way they do people good as much as possible.

Still, please, my dear, do this practice calmly and thoughtfully by intuition adjusting the flow of energy the way to prevent your own vibration overdosing.

It will let you remain in harmonious condition during the séance – physically and in terms of psyche.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Mother of the Universe spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 12, 2023.

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