My true Teaching (Steering wheel of your life)

my-true-teaching-steering-wheel-of-your-lifeGreetings, my dear beloved Souls!

Thus, after a small diversion, let’s continue with our story about my efforts to explain to people the meaning of my Teaching, which in reality is the code of  Laws of the Universe, which is possible to express in several minutes.

But my task has been – to ensure that these Laws would stay in the souls of the people and become the main ”tools” of surviving in the three dimensional world, and not simply a knowledge by itself.

That’s why the main part of my sermons in front of the big audiences would still be examples from real life, accessible and understandable for everyone.

I have wanted to show the relationship between the cause and effect, which is the basis for each event in human life, because nothing would appear from nowhere.

Everything that happens around us is the result of our thoughts and emotions, regardless of the fact whether we realize it or not.

We are the ones who fill them with our energies, pour our emotions into our dreams, into our relationships with people, in every life situation.

We are the ones who “fill out the sails of our ships,” on which we are sailing in life. And only we are responsible in which direction they are moving.

I have tried to explain to people the main idea – that everything is in our hands.

We are the captains of our ships, and no one would do our work for us.

And if we would fill the “ocean of our lives” with fear, anger, aggression, these negative energies would invariably summon “the storm,” which would throw our ship from side to side, shaking our tiny ship, shaking our lives and driving us to fear, sorrow, and despair.

But if we would fill our “ocean” with Light and Love, Goodness and Mercy, our ship would sail smoothly and peacefully over the space of the water, in search of exciting adventures, visiting peaceful harbors, where our souls could rest, and we would enjoy all the joys of life.

I have had to convince people that it’s not simply beautiful words but a true reality.

They often have complained to me about their lives, saying there were many obstacles in the path of their “sailing.”

And I’ve answered them that it was for their highest good, because the difficulties and obstacles are the indelible part of any journey.

“The sandbars and reefs” which they had often met on their paths, are the tests for “the captain” of the ship. They polish his skills, until he reaches the perfection.

I’ve explained to people that our consciousness is unlimited and Divine.

Our consciousness is the “ocean” of life, which every person, who have descended to Earth once again, must cross.

And every our incarnation is meant to deepen and expand our consciousness – to increase our mastery, which we had developed in previous lives.

All our experiences are kept in a deepest memory, and we are capable to reach it, in order not to repeat our mistakes, but confidently move further towards the cherished goal – uniting our consciousness with the consciousness of God – which would allow us never to return again to this long-suffering Earth, but to continue our existence in others, the higher worlds.

From my allegory, I have moved to real life situations, which I have had a lot.

In that way, the people gradually have started to understand how one or another Law of the Universe is working, and that they are perfectly capable to use them in their own lives, to make their lives better and happier.

We’ll stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 22, 2018

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