My true Teaching (Slaves or creators)

my-true-teaching-slaves-or-creatorsGreetings, my dear beloved Souls!

I would like to divert a little bit from my story and tell you how the authorities and religious leaders reacted to my conversations with people.

Initially, they had not paid much attention to that, because they had considered me simply a strange man, who liked to talk and who had not present any danger for them.

But soon enough, the leaders sensed the danger coming from me, because after my meetings with the people, their influence on the people significantly decreased.

And in those times, the religion has been very powerful, being one of the tools of control over the people.

The Priests were under direct jurisdiction of the government authorities, creating a unified “system of rule” over human consciousness.

Gradually, as I had gained more and more followers, they started to realize the danger which I presented for them.

The people being creators of their own lives were not part of their plans. Besides, my conversations about reincarnation, free will and unity with Creator were contradictory to their dogma, which foundation stone was an obedience to and worshipping of God and the rulers.

For the time being, they could not present any accusation against me, because I haven’t called on people for anything, haven’t incited against the government, but simply have had friendly conversations with them, and they were free to accept them or not.

But because people have started to use the Laws of the Universe, which we have discussed, in their practical life, and were able to see that they were really working; because their lives have started to change for the better, the number of my followers started to increase every day.

It was difficult to force a man, who has sensed freedom and has come in touch with Divine Love, back to the narrow box of the worldview as enforced by the religious and government officials.

For me, it was a proof that I honorably fulfilled that mission, for which I had come to Earth, and that people not only accepted my Teaching with all their hearts, but started to live according to the Laws of the Universe.

With time, the authorities started to put obstacles for organizing my meetings, and in some of the towns of Judea my name was already forbidden.

And I was very pleased that it have not stopped people who wanted to listen to me.

They traveled long distances of many kilometers in order to come to places, where I still could meet with them, and despite the obstacles, I had greater and greater audiences.

It made me happy, but at the same time I realized that now when hundreds of people gathered for the meetings, our conversations became different.

I knew very well that not much time was left for me, and I wanted that as many people as possible would be able to listen to me.

I saw that after meetings with me, people were leaving completely changed.

Even those, who had come because of curiosity and at the beginning had distrusted me, were leaving with tears in their eyes and with the faith that God is always with them and that their lives would definitely change for the better, if they would live according to the true Laws of the Universe, and not the ones that were enforced on them by the people.

It seemed that all the Higher Powers of the Universe helped me to find the right words, the colorful examples from life, to put the right emphasis, and most importantly to fill the people with an inexhaustible Divine flow of the energy of Love.

We’ll stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 21, 2018

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