My true Teaching (We all are children of God)

my-true-teaching-we-all-are-children-of-godGreetings, my dear beloved Souls!

Today I’d like to tell you how I’ve tried to explain the concept, that we all are the particles of one whole, regardless of the country where we were born, of the color of our skin, whether we are rich or poor, and of our religious believes.

In those times, I has been difficult to understand as in a matter of fact is difficult now, because of the vast differences between the racial, social and religious groups in the world of duality.

I would have to find solid arguments and many different examples to help people realize their greatness and their unity with the Creator.

The expression “Each of you is a particle of God” seemed too fantastic for them, because they have considered God to be so unreachable, great and terrifying.

And then I’ve asked them to do the following: to remember the happiest moments of their lives, when Love filled their hearts, literally spilling out, and to feel how their bodies would respond, what would they feel inside.

Almost all of them have felt that they we were overflowing with bliss, and the feeling of warmth was spreading inside.

Then I’ve told them, “what you are feeling now is unification with God, because God is Love in its pure sense. And when your hearts are filled with love, you are joining with him, becoming one whole.

It is a natural state of our souls, which we forget, descending into material world of duality.

And the goal of each soul is – after going through a long path on Earth, being born over and over, often experiencing very different emotions and obtaining a priceless experience, to return back to the original energies of Love, which means to unite with the Creator.

But for that, the soul needs to become wiser and realize a great deal, gradually ascending on the steps of the spiritual ladder, purifying itself from the energies of fear, anger, aggression, greediness, jealousy, lust for power, which drag it down and do not allow to fly into Heavens.

And only then, a soul could come closer to God, because it will be attracted to Him based on the similarity of energies.

Thus, gradually I moved to the next Law of the Universe – “Like attracts like.”

And then using numerous examples from real life, we’ve “studied” together how this law is working.

Then, people started to see differently many events of their lives, understanding the reasons for their sorrows and misfortunes.

“But the most important thing,” I’ve told them, “that you can change the situation at any time. For that, you need to change your habitual thoughts and emotions, which means to become filled with completely different energies.”

“Your spiritual work would be greatly rewarded. Everything around you would start changing if by magic.”

“Your good thoughts and intentions would definitely attract goodness and wellbeing, happiness and joy into your life.”

“However, it is necessary that it would come from your heart, enveloping people with sincere warmth and Love, because its impossible to deceive people – they would intuitively feel your falsity and respond likewise.”

Thus, I’ve gradually led people towards an understanding that they themselves could create their reality, and that alone would prove that they are great and almighty particles of God.

And their main power is Love – that magic energy, which has mastery over everything…

We’ll stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on January 20, 2018

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