Our Mutual Ascension (The Subtle Sensory Organs)

our-mutual-ascension-the-subtle-sensory-organsGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we will move to the next theme, which I consider very important for us.

It has to do with your sensitivity to the subtle energies and your ability to feel them.

Each of you is unique and special, and each of you perceives subtle world differently, depending on which sense of perception is developed better.

Those of you who already have worked as healers, know perfectly well how differently people perceive the energies.

Someone is seeing energies as color combinations, someone hears as sounds, someone senses as vibrations, prickly sensations, cold or warmth.

And some of you are capable of seeing the images of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, which stand nearly during the healing sessions or meditations, and even learned how to talk to them.

Some of you are capable to move in their subtle bodies to another worlds and to different planets.

Another words, there are infinite number of ways of communication with the subtle world and it is completely normal.

Now all the Forces of Light help you with that, trying to activate your upper chakras, your pineal gland, your deep memory.

The vibrations of the energies, which are flowing to earth, become higher and higher, meaning that your subtle bodies, which are feeling them, assume a higher sensitivity.

This process is irreversible, dear ones, therefore you need to get accustomed to the thought that besides the usual physical senses, you possess the new – subtle – sensory organs, which come to the forefront now. And this is why.

As I have already said in my previous message, the world of the Fifth dimension – is a space of the subtle matter, which means its inhabitants must possess the subtle sensory organs, otherwise they simply won’t be able to exist there.

And I’d like to help you to develop your subtle perception of reality, and by doing that prepare you to the Shift into the new world.

For that, we’ll gradually develop our upper chakras and open the new ones, corresponding to the vibrations of the Fifth dimension.

Also we would learn how to use the capabilities of the pineal gland, which is your “antenna,” and with a certain “tuning” it would be able to catch the “voices” from the subtle world.

All that would happen in stages, so you will be able to master what I would give you, in practice.

The time of theories is over, dear ones. The time of practice has come. And many of you are already ready for that.

We will stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 2, 2018

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