Our Mutual Ascension (Conclusion)

our-mutual-ascension-conclusionGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I am finishing the series of my messages titled “Our Mutual Ascension” and I’d like to sum up what has been said.

I think you understood why I have named my series like that.

I wanted very much for you to understand how close we are, how our bodies are “designed” in the same way, and the only difference between you and me is that I had gone through the stage of Ascension in my previous life and you are going to go through it now.

But the Creator made your task easier – you will shift into the new dimension together with Earth and the Shift will be in masse.

But the conditions of the Shift would stay unchanged. It would be possible only when you master your Divine component and learn how to control your subtle bodies and use your subtle sensory organs.

That’s why I have told you in such details about your chakras and about your bodies.

I see that many of you are bewildered, it seems to you that all of that is too complicated and you are still not ready to such radical changes in your life, that you are still not feeling your chakras, not to mention your subtle bodies.

Others on the contrary have overestimated their capabilities, considering they have accomplished everything perfectly, and now rest on their laurels.

But as usual the truth is in the middle, and the truth is that this process is unpredictable.

It is impossible to calculate when your accumulated experience would be manifested in life, when you would live and think guided by your subtle sensory organs.

It could happen at any moment, unexpectedly, when you are visited by a sudden illumination – the perception of the events from the Divine heights.

And such an enlightenment will greatly increase your vibrations and your subtle bodies would become as tangible for you as your physical body.

Regard all of that quietly and know that everything will come in its time, when you are truly ready for that.

But for those of you who have already reached a significant success, I’d like to warn you against another mistake.

Don’t become too proud and complacent, continue to work on yourself, because life in third dimension has many hidden underwater reefs and full of temptations.

Do not forget, dear ones, that a deadly struggle is fought with all kinds of astral beings, who try to survive in the world which escapes from underneath their feet because of the rapidly increasing vibrations of earth.

They are literally “pushed out” of their habitual environment and they clutch on any negative energy generated by the people as on the last straw. And the favorite energies for the beings of higher astral are the energies of pride and conceit.

And the last thing I’d like to tell you.

Never tell anyone of your exclusivity, about your spirituality, about your success.

Let people see it for themselves. It would be much more valuable. They would want to be like you, which means stepping on the path of spiritual development.

And you would be saved from the temptations of pride and not become the prey of astral beings, who only wait for a person to stumble.

I bless you for that, dear ones, be peaceful, wise and patient, work on yourself for the highest good of all.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on March 13, 2018.

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  1. Conrad Mormann says:

    My ask for I have no money but would like to share wisdom of this great feeling that I want to make happen so badly and crying with happiness and everyone needs to be apart of this . I’m very sad for those that are not in the KNOW! And will do anything to help! I lay in bed and hug mother everyday and I go past the unknown and ask for for wisdom. It’s very hard to change a persons thought so I’m trying energies and I ask the energies to help heal the darkened and unaware and guide them to us! I chose to stay here to help and I can feel the greatness! And we are ready


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