Our Mutual Ascension (Divine Portal)

our-mutual-ascension-divine-portalGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I want to finish our conversation about the atmic body.

I’d like you to realize in full measure how valuable it is for you and what an important role it serves in the lives of every person who have stepped upon spiritual path.

This is the “final destination” of every soul, who have finished its wondering in the 3D world.

This is your Divine Portal into the world of higher vibrations.

But you could finally enter this “Portal” only when your other bodies are ready, when you dissolve all the blocks, all the dark spots, all the inserts of the negative thoughts and emotions, which settled there during many many lives in duality.

You have been given practices, meditations and advices for purification of your bodies, that’s why I’ll give you one universal advice and one very simple practice, which you could use at any moment wherever you are.

Let’s call it the “Divine Portal.”

I advice you to do it initially in natural settings, in a peaceful and harmonious state, in complete solitude.

And when you master it until you could do it automatically, then you could do it anywhere.

Thus, try to imagine yourself as pure Soul, dressed in physical vehicle.

You need to see yourselves as a transparent rarefied silhouette.

Feel how your physical body expands, how the space between its cells increases.

At that moment you could feel slight prickling sensations or vibrations all over your body.

It is changing its parameters – physical, biochemical, energetic.

It is already not a dense body, but a body of subtle matter, and you could control it with your consciousness – change its shape, volume…

Your body is completely merged with your Soul, and it is truly Divine. It consists of the pure energy of Love.

Its vibrations are so elevated that any negative thought or emotion dissolves immediately in this radiant Divine Light.

You are – a Divine human.

You obtained your true essence.

You reclaimed your lost positions.

You returned to your sources.

Try, dear ones, to learn to enter such a state and stay in it each time longer and longer, until you get accustomed to your true Divine body to such a degree that you won’t be able to live otherwise.

And that would be the first stage of your Shift, because you would live in a different energy space of the Fifth Dimension.

And I bless you for that, dear ones!

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 28, 2018.

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