LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Travelling through space and time)

life-on-new-earth-travelling-through-space-and-timeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about space and time and will look into another aspect of it.

Space in its global meaning is cosmos, infinite and unlimited.

Just as there is no time in higher dimensions, there is no space as such there either, the one you are used to in the third dimension world, to be exact.

In these high vibration worlds space is void and at the same time all-embracing infinity, which your conscience cannot accept so far that is used to thinking by linear categories.

It is void because highly developed civilizations’ representatives’ conscience can “compress” it in one point, which enables them to cover huge distances.

And it is infinity because cosmos has no boundaries.

How can you use this knowledge in practice?

For a start, you can try to travel huge distances and even to other planets by your conscience and your subtle bodies since your physical bodies are not ready for such overloads yet.

And I know that some of you have already tried to do this.

Yet, it is better to start with travelling round your planet and ask your Spiritual guides to secure you during these unusual trips.

Try to visit your favourite places moving there by your conscience and subtle bodies.

And now I will offer you a practice that will help you develop the skill.

We will call it “Travelling through space and time”.

For this purpose you should invoke all your Heavenly patrons, relax and plunge into quite a deep meditative state.

Then imagine one of your favourite places on Earth – the one you were really happy and that has well engraved in your memory.

Ask the Higher Powers of the Universe and Archangel Michael to escort you there.

You are likely to get there almost instantly…

Walk around the places you love, feel the familiar scents and odours, feel the atmosphere, “touch” the objects around you – in a word, live fully through these moments…

And then go back to your physical body.

Before going to faraway countries you do not know, you had better make some more visits around your planet so as to consolidate the skill of instant moving in space.

This way, little by little, you will learn to “tame” space and time merging with them completely and at the same time converging them in one point by power of your thought and intention.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 2, 2021.

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