LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Conscience of space)

life-on-new-earth-conscience-of-spaceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about the way space will be transforming in higher dimensions.

As you already know, high vibrations encourage matter becoming less dense.

So, due to this your light crystalline bodies, for example, will be able to take any shape given by your conscience.

The same will happen to space that will be contracting or becoming less dense depending on your reaction to it.

It will follow your thoughts and intentions.

Now it is hard for you to realize this since in the third density world you cannot control them yet: it seems abstract to you.

But in higher dimensions worlds time, just as space, is changeable and subjective.

What does it mean?

Space is also your conscience reflection, just as time is.

And you can see it even now.

So, for one living in a tiny flat of a block of flats three-storeyed mansion will seem a castle indeed.

While for one living in a castle the same mansion will appear a tiny flat.

Thus, in the conscience of these two individuals one and the same space will have absolutely different parameters despite clear established sizes of the mansion.

Therefore, when I say that you will be creating your reality by power of thought, I mean, first of all, space that you will be able to control as you think best.

Even now finding yourself in the third dimension world you can also feel the energy of space.

Remember your feelings in different locations: rooms, houses, offices.

In some of them you felt nice, easy and cosy, while in others it seemed that everything is contracting around you, as if walls themselves were lying heavy on you.

This is how you felt rarified high vibration space and heavy low vibration one.

Besides, it did not matter if it was a small room or a big one since you subconsciously scanned not its size but its energy profile.

And there is one more peculiarity of space I would like to talk about today.

About its conscience.

Do not be surprised, my dear, every particular space has its conscience and it is identified by nothing else but accumulated conscience of those who live there or even stay for some time.

That is why in some buildings you feel comfortable and in some others – you feel uneasy.

There has even come around such an expression in your language “heavy atmosphere”.

And such atmosphere is composed of not only the energies of people living or staying in some room at the moment but also of their conscience this room has absorbed.

In other words, any space can be defined as reflection of all the thoughts and emotions, and on a large scale, conscience of the people present there.

The same approach applies to going or travelling anywhere.

Why do you wish each other “Have a nice journey” or “Pleasant journey”?

It is because intuitively you feel your trip, that is the space you have to travel, will be “nice” only if it is filled with positive energy comprising the averaged conscience level of the people being there as well.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 1, 2021.

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