LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Objective reality)

life-on-new-earth-objective-realityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will move on to a new topic that can roughly be called “Objective reality”.

It includes a lot of aspects at all the levels of existence.

And we will start with the very notion of it.

Well, what is objective reality?

It is what exists beyond your perception frames and, consequently, is out of your control.

So now we will try to dwell on it.

You have repeatedly heard from me and a lot of the Light Forces representatives that you can “create your reality by power of thought”.

You have also been provided with lots of practices for that.

But in this case it is implied you create subjective reality – the one made by your imagination and your Soul is striving for.

So now let us look into what makes the difference between objective and subjective reality.

At present, at the threshold of Ascension, the situation on Earth has become paradoxical, with the overwhelming majority of the population not even having a slightest idea about this event crucial for your planet and humanity in general.

But Ascension is objective reality.

And it is made up of numerous factors.

Firstly, it is naturally determined change of epochs – the very cyclicity that exists in the Universe irrespective of these or those civilizations’ wishes.

Secondly, this process implies changes of the energy component of both the planet itself, and the collective consciences of all its inhabitants.

As you already know, your Earth is rich in different living beings embodied as humans that is why in her energy field there are a lot of collective consciences.

Thirdly, the increase of Earth’s vibrations takes place regardless of the human will.

Fourthly, by no means everybody can get and take in these new vibrations since they are consonant to ancient and pure souls only who embodied on your planet exactly for the purpose of living through the unique experience of Transition to a high density in their physical bodies with Earth.

Fifthly, the confrontation of the Light and the Dark Forces on Earth is an integral part of this Transition as present-day “lords of the world” do not fit into the new energy processes on your planet because of their low vibrations.

One more reason why they cannot reach them is that they do not possess the Divine Soul, and Light that a pure human Soul follows by intuition is fateful for these creatures.

Sixthly, all the five natural elements on Earth readjust themselves in consistence with new vibrations, which is accompanied by their purification and transformation.

At the physical level it shows as natural disasters.

And seventhly, this process involves your Galaxy family too because all of you are closely connected with each other.

All this is objective reality man is not to change.

But by your conscience you can come as close to it as possible so that it harmoniously combines with your objective reality.

And in the next message we will talk about it in some detail.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 3, 2021.

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