LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Human vibrations tuning into Earth’s vibrations)

life-on-new-earth-human-vibrations-tuning-into-earths-vibrationsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about cooperation in terms of the fellowship of Archangels for support of humanity.

I would like you at this stage of Earth’s Transition to the Fifth dimension when her vibrations, as well as yours, are swiftly increasing to make the most of the assistance you are getting from Heavens.

And for this not only should you know who exactly provides it to you but also MAKE A CLEAR INTENSION each time to accept this assistance, which will increase its efficiency manifold.

While during the meditations on purifying of Earth and human collective conscience you ground high vibration energies letting them pass through you, in this case accepting the help of Archangels you accumulate this energy in yourself making your own vibrations higher.

There is being carried out individual “pointwise” work with each of you that your Safeguard Angels, Angels and Archangels are involved in.

Each of them has their own clearly stated duty.

Thus, Archangels are responsible for every person’s vibrations being tuned into those of Earth since they can scan all your energy swings from their level.

Angels are some kind of “adaptors” of high vibration energies to the level of one’s vibrations at the present stage of development.

And the last to join this work are Safeguard Angels who being in the energy space of a person can register all the shades of one’s current state and, consequently, adjust the flow of high vibration energies the way to prevent overdozing.

This is exactly the reason why I call the process of energy infeed to each of you multistage.

And as you see, my dear, this process is joined in by many assistants of yours from the subtle level.

Yet, let us come back to the issue of Archangels’ interaction between each other.

Working on one and the same person each of them focuses on some particular peculiarity of the person so as to make them a single energy spectrum of this person.

And because of the fact that you are still in the third dimension world where it is very hard for you to keep your vibrations stable, this spectrum is constantly changing.

And each of the Archangels like an orchestra’s conductor tries to adjust the “instrument” of your soul that is “playing out of tune” at the moment.

Well, let us have a case study.

And let’s assume that one has switched over to Service and communicates knowledge to people: for example, they have created their own site, a video channel or their spiritual school.

At the beginning of this road their vibrations were high and stable.

But in the course of time getting plunged into the whirlpool of life and interacting with people of different vibrations, they themselves start “floating” in terms of energy having failed to cope with their ambitions, offences, arrogance or guilt.

And so as to help them out of this state they are “plumped” in terms of energy by their Heavenly patrons.

Sometimes “shock” therapy is being applied to them as life situations aimed at showing them their weak points and blunders.

If so, the main role then is played by their Safeguard Angels capable of creating such situations.

If crooks in their lot turn out to be too painful and their vibrations begin to decrease sharply, Archangels send them the flows of the energies necessary for the person in order to recover thereby improving the situation and preventing them from turning off the chosen path.

Same as you turn the tuning knob of a radio so as to catch the frequency you need, so your Heavenly assistants find the energy wave for you that during the “storm” period of your life will be able to carry you to a safe quiet coast where you could recover your breath and energy purity.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 13, 2020.

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