LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Fellowship of Archangels)

life-on-new-earth-fellowship-of-archangelsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to start telling you about the way the interaction between Archangels happens in order to make their support to humanity more efficient.

As it was mentioned in my recent message, each Archangel has chosen Service to people and each has his own “specialization”.

And as you already know, everything is interconnected in human life, interweaved and interdependent.

Everything always occurs according to the eternal and unshakeable Laws of the Universe no matter whether one knows about them or not.

Thus, spiritual component of your life makes direct impact on your physical state and all the events taking place around you.

Every minute you make this or that choice turning either to the direction of Light or that of Dark.

Thereby, one creates “paradise” in one’s Soul, while another one – “hell”.

And this is YOUR OWN CHOICE though few people think about it more often complaining of circumstances and blaming their failures on others.

But now, when enormous amount of people are getting revived, Archangels’ help to them cannot be overestimated.

It is them who help you maintain your vibrations preventing from falling back to the third dimensionality and sending you their high vibration energies through your Safeguard Angels.

And during this active phase of Transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension their Service to humanity has advanced to a new level and gained new shades and nuances.

For Transition of an entire planet with its inhabitants to a new energy space is a unique experience not only for you, my dear.

This is a history-making event of the universe scale indeed for all the inhabitants of the Higher worlds.

They also have to change adapting their Service to people to the new living conditions of the latter so as to help people advance to the level of spiritual development that will enable them to make Transition.

This is a sophisticated and minute work since reptiloid programmes have become rather densely compressed in the conscience and subconscience of the overwhelming majority of your planet’s population.

So now at the subtle level Archangels are carrying out continuous work on dissolving reptiloid programmes in human collective conscience.

And it has already worked.

More and more people are reviving and start to understand the absurdity of the current situation on Earth – its artificiality and inhumanity.

They begin to realize that their conscience is being manipulated, and they are being deprived of the Freedom of Will and Freedom of Choice, which is an integral part of each Divine creature.

The situation around coronavirus artificially created by reptiloids has eventually backfired on them themselves because it brought to light the present alignment of forces on the planet.

Pure human souls are having their Divine essence revived and their eyes opened to the ones at the helm who have been controlling the planet for so many centuries.

While in case of reptiloids of all castes and low vibration creatures embodied as humans, just on the contrary, all the worst features are getting aggravated: fear and mindless obedience to high and mighty.

At present on Earth there is vibration stratification of all her inhabitants in progress and at the same time natural selection of those who will be able to move to another dimension with Earth and who will not.

This is exactly the reason why Transition itself was extended in time: to give every inhabitant of Earth chance to make up their mind.

Well now those who have chosen Transition enjoy great support from Archangels that work with every human soul helping it to keep afloat these days so hard for it.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 13, 2020.

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