WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Time nulling)

window-on-new-world-time-nullingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to explain to you why I pay so much attention to the relationships of people in the fourth dimension though most of you are still in the space of the third dimension so far.

For you to get a clear idea of it, let us remember what one’s condition at the moment of “here and now” is.

This is timelessness condition and, consequently, that of being in the space of highest vibrations since it is only there where time and space implode thanks to which one advances to quite a different level of one’s existence.

Most often it happens to you during meditations when you manage to cut off your conscience completely from the vanity of the world and you merge with your Higher Self and, consequently, become Soul in its pure form.

Many of you can do it to a full extent now but it occurs only when you are all alone, that is, interact only with your Higher Self.

Yet, when you learn to remain in this condition finding yourselves among other people and, besides, not simply being next to them but communicating with them too – it will be enormous progress on your spiritual way since thereby you will start creating the islands of the fourth dimension amidst the raging “ocean” of the third dimension world.

And now I will offer you a practice that will help you remain in the condition of “here and now” while communicating with other people.

We will call it “Time nulling”.

And its idea is that while talking to another person you stop clock’s hands in your thoughts.

And it does not matter at all where they are at this moment.

The main thing is to “see” that all the hands of the clock including the second one, stand still.

That is it. Time does not exist for you any more.

Around you and your interlocutor there is vacuum, time lapse.

You can even feel it physically.

As soon as it happens, get in touch with your Soul and ask it to guide all your actions and words.

You can even see your Soul – as a light silhouette or a transparent cloud.

In your thoughts get completely merged with the image you got.

All this can take you just several seconds but you will find yourselves in quite different time parameters and under your Higher aspects’ guidance.

You will even get a physical sensation of the space around you having changed – everything having stopped, become calm and harmonized…

Now you are totally plunged into the vibrations of at least the fourth dimension and, consequently, your communication with people will occur in quite a distinct way.

You will feel your interlocutor at the level of Soul, not Mind, and it means that all your words and actions will be tuned onto their Higher aspects, not onto momentary material needs of the third dimension person.

And your interlocutor, finding themselves in the conditions new to them, with distinct Laws holding sway – energy and physical ones – will not be able to act according to the third dimension world standards.

Their conscience having “submerged” into your high vibrations will unintentionally pull up to them and even if it does not keep up with your vibrations, it will minimize the energy gap between them anyway.

And the wonder like this will be worked by your condition of “here and now”, as well as your complete plunging into another person’s Soul.

Try, my dear, to incorporate this practice into your everyday life, and I am sure that results will not keep waiting.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 5, 2022.

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  1. Eva says:

    I love you! I am in China. I like your messages very much. It touches me deeply every time. I have complete synchronization with you. I love you! You’re my angel. I found your homepage in a very magical way. It is very difficult to find it through pseudonym(maybe?). But I have been thinking about it, always trying to find your homepage. Today, I found it miraculously. It seems that I feel the guidance of soul and angel! Thank you. I love you so much!


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