WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Self-respect and respect to others)

window-on-new-world-self-respect-and-respect-to-othersGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to come back to the issue we started one of my previous messages with and give a more clear definition of the “code” of behaviour of the fourth dimension person.

And today we will consider its main components.

First. Self-respect.

It is extremely important, my dear, because without self-respect there cannot rise respect to other people.

As well as Love is a guarantee of Unconditional Love.

It is easy to explain: so as to share something with other people, it is first necessary to accumulate the thing you are going to share.

It concerns both material and spiritual values.

Self-respect includes a lot of factors.

They are Love to oneself, dignity and belief in one’s potential.

They are also the feeling of being the Creator’s particle and Unity with the Universe and its inhabitants.

They are also understanding of one’s value and uniqueness that make their genuine contribution to the “jigsaw puzzle” of human collective conscience.

All the things mentioned above feature the energies of highest vibrations that go far beyond the metes and bounds of the third dimension world.

The one who perceived the depth of such a notion as self-respect will never be able to bow and scrape to others, execute soulless and absurd orders, do the things that their Soul resists to do or the things that can bring harm to one or the people around.

Such a person gains freedom indeed – the very inner “core” that makes the basis of all their further actions and deeds.

Second. Respect to others.

Only after one has fully mastered such a notion as self-respect, it will show up outward as respect to other people.

This way one of the main Laws of the Universe functions: outside world reflects inside world.

In other words, respectful attitude to the words and actions of the people around is the reflection or continuation of self-respect.

And now let us look into the difference between these notions in the third dimension world and that of the fourth dimension.

Before all, it is in the fact that respect to older ones, management, more powerful and influential people in the dual world is based not on self-respect but on self-humiliation: recognition of one’s weakness and invalidity.

Generally speaking, it is based on fear in all its manifestations.

And even awe of a wiser or clever person that seemingly features a positive character is based on the fact that one considers oneself to be silly, inexperienced or less educated in comparison to them.

Well, intelligence and education themselves are of little significance if one is poor in Spirit or obsessed by false pride.

In the third dimension world all the notions have been distorted deliberately so as to make idols artificially with their “expert” opinions that can lead people’s way in the direction beneficial for high and mighty.

That is why self-respect has been stemmed in humans and, on the contrary, servility and obedience have been cultivated.

What can such a person share with others?

Only their weakness that sometimes grows into aggression and other person’s will suppression – of the one even weaker than they themselves…

This is what people have to get rid of first of all, those who have chosen the open of the new existence and return to their genuine Divine essence.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 6, 2022.

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