LIFE ON NEW EARTH (New Divine body)

life-on-new-earth-new-divine-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to offer you one more practice that will help you build new relationships with the Energy of Time.

But first, I would like to explain to you in more detail why it is time parameters on Earth that I pay so much attention to.

The thing is that all your existence is connected with the Energy of Time: its physical parameters, spiritual and, of course, energy ones.

Even aging of the human body in the third dimension world happens only because of the fact they live in linear time that has its beginning and end, and the fact is instilled into human conscience from the very birth.

People “await” their old age, that is, they programme it in their conscience themselves creating the corresponding reality.

And it befalls them just as diseases and death do since everybody “knows” that getting older they MUST fall ill, which eventually results in death.

Well, what is the role played here by the time factor?

The main one as this is how the third dimension world person disposes of the Energy of Time in the reality they exist at the moment.

And, as you know, time is actually your conscience reflection.

So, in the world of the Fifth dimension your conscience will be totally free of time frames whatsoever – it will dissolve in the stream of Unconditional Love, with no time or space existing there.

As a result of this, your physical body having got tuned onto the Energy of Time of vibrations as high will start transforming assuming its best shape that corresponds to a 30-35 year-old of the third dimension world when one is already completely mature physically and has gained enough life experience.

In other words, your body following your conscience will start “pulling” up to the state of timelessness, which will enable it to become as flexible, movable and “eternal” as time itself in high vibration worlds is.

And today’s practice will be aimed at both your subtle sense organs feeling the Energy of Time and your physical body getting “acquainted” with this wonderful substance.

We will call this practice “New Divine body”.

It should be done only after you master the previous one – “Time conversion” – since the one we are talking about is some kind of its continuation.

So, plunge into a meditative state and invoke the Energy of Time.

Having got a keen feeling of it being in one of your chakras, in thoughts ask it to envelop all the organs of your physical body connected with this chakra – penetrate each cell of them and grant them their high vibrations.

But if you do not know or forgot how each chakra correlates with human physical organs, you had better get to know it before you start the practice.

It will help you visualize the Energy of Time penetrating these or those organs or vital systems of your body.

After you master the first step – merging of the chakra most resonating with the Energy of Time and the organs corresponding to it, we will move on to the next step of the practice.

Its main idea is for your subtle sense organs and physical body to become free from the time bounds of their existence.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 21, 2021.

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