LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Chakras tuning onto energy of time)

life-on-new-earth-chakras-tuning-onto-energy-of-timeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, for my previous message to be continued, now we will learn what this or that chakra’s correspondence to the Energy of Time’s vibrations means.

We will act on the premise that the chakra system of a person finding themselves in the energy space not lower than that of the fourth dimension has already changed and, consequently, their lower chakras – the first, the second and the third – have transformed.

So, if your imaginary substance of time will be responded to by your first chakra, it means that your ties with Earth are very strong and you are some kind of a linking element between her and the Energy of Time being one whole with your planet.

If it is responded to by your second chakra, it means your masculinity or femininity is really strong, and the Energy of Time will help you convey these energies to the world.

The third chakra resonating with it can indicate your leadership abilities that the Energy of Time will help manifest in the most harmonious way for the greater good of all.

Being consistent with the Energy of Time the fourth chakra gives you opportunity to open your heart and soul to everyone you contact so that time frames become ideal for encouragement of your communication.

The fifth chakra responsible for self-expression resonates with the Energy of Time in case of very emotional and creative people for whom time is an assistant in bringing their inner state in all its manifestations to a balance preventing them from deviating from the golden mean.

If the Energy of Time initiates the response of your sixth chakra, it means you are on harmonious, almost ideal, terms with this substance and that you have already learnt to control the Energy of Time.

So far few have their seventh chakra responding to the Energy of Time, and it is accounted for by the fact that such “relationships” feature the category of timelessness that is typical of the energy space not lower than that of the Fifth dimension.

But, as you already know, it is hard for you to remain there all the time.

You get there only when you are deeply involved in some activity.

Then you fall out of linear time and at the same time merge with the Energy of Time by means of your seventh chakra.

Well, after you have identified your priority in “time conversion”, that is, one of your chakras being most consistent with time, we can move on to another stage of our practice.

Now you have to consolidate your relationships with time the following way.

Imagine that your imaginary energy substance of time penetrates the chakra that responded to it and gets completely merged with it.

Feel keenly this merging…

It can seem to you that your chakra has gained in size and become “heavier”…

And after that do the following “procedure”.

Imagine that now the substance of time “lives” in this chakra of yours but at the same time it shares its energy with the rest of chakras.

You can imagine it the way you like it: as a rod moving to and fro – up and down, as a cloud filling all your chakras one by one and then coming back to its “home” – the chakra it chose.

Let your imagination provide you with the image most vivid and efficient just for you.

The idea of this practice is to identify your personal liaison with the Energy of Time by means of the chakra most resonating with it and simultaneously to bring all the rest chakras to a balance with it.

Do not hurry and do this practice several times.

It is quite possible that in some time the situation will change and the substance of time will be more vigorously responded to by another chakra of yours.

See to it, my dear, and draw your OWN conclusions.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 20, 2021.

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