high-vibration-tsunamiGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from our topic and tell you about the latent processes – both energy, and physical ones that are taking place on Earth now.

While from the energy point of view everything happens quite logically and in a predictable way, the actions of the world government at the physical level may at first sight seem rather irrational and contradictory.

The first thing is that the ruling top is perfectly aware of the month of September to become the crucial one in the struggle between Good and Evil.

There are several reasons for that, and the main of them is that Earth will be showered with an energy “tsunami” of highest vibrations.

Therefore, now the main task of the world government is to reduce overall vibration frequency of Earth as much as possible in hope it will whittle down the new energies and they will manage to repulse this most powerful energy blow.

Yet, their expectations are not to come real since the new energies feature quite different structure distinct from that of the third dimension world energies, and getting in contact with the dense energies holding sway over Earth now they will not be able to merge with them just same as mercury cannot mix up with water.

These new energies like a full-flowing river will fill Earth leaving rocks and heavy silty substances on the bottom.

Nevertheless, the hidden government’s representatives tooth and nail are trying to juggle with the world events so as having elicited as much fear and panic among people as possible to form a reciprocal “tsunami” of low vibration energies hoping to “moderate” this energy wave salvational for humanity.

At present many countries’ governments take actions as absurd and illegal as to cause discontent even among the most law-abiding citizens.

The operation on the planet’s population reduction is entering its final stage turning now into open genocide against humanity, which provokes anger and indignation of the wise part of Earth’s population.

Meanwhile, in the “hotbeds” of the planet there are arranged some provocations aimed at encouraging international conflicts, which is a long-standing and most efficient “weapon” of globalists for accumulating low vibration energy they need.

There are also to add here “natural” cataclysms artificially initiated by them that they arrange selectively as punishment for the countries that do not obey them.

Thus, at the background of general chaos, pain and suffering of people they are trying to bring to an end the things contrived stopping at nothing.

The things they planned to do during decades smoothly and cunningly in a way unnoticeable for people have to be done now in an emergency manner with nothing concealed and caution having been forgotten.

And quite soon these two powerful “tsunami” waves of different vibrations heading towards each other from Earth and Space will inevitable clash, which will result in a tremendous separating of the society and creating two parallel worlds on your planet: the dark old low vibration world swiftly being relegated to oblivion and a light pure new high vibration one.

And you should be ready for this, my dear.

You will have to overcome an “obstacle course” because all this will take some time.

And now the main task for you is not to stumble yourself and to save your children from danger.

Be wise and stay alert!

And remember: whatever happens, whatever provocations are arranged by the marionettes of the hidden government they are destined to fail as the epoch of their power on Earth is already over.

And it is the objective reality they are unable to change now.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 19, 2021.

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  1. Ligia Maldonado says:

    Thank you very much, bless and love to everybody in this transitional times


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