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life-on-new-earth-vibration-navigatorGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the fourth dimension that many of you quite often find yourselves in.

I would like you to learn to stay there all the time now not coming back to the space of the third dimension.

If you manage to do this, it will be far easier for you to take in the high vibration energies that by the end of December will reach their most active phase.

Moreover, these energies will not go through your bodies “en route”, which is most often the case, so as to secure one from “overdosage”.

They will start working with your subtle bodies in a more effective way purifying them from the vestiges of negative energies and transforming your physical bodies into the light crystalline ones.

It is essential to understand what dimension you are in right now and if you feel your vibrations are decreasing, to adjust yourself at once so as to hold the height you have already managed to take.

So now, I will offer you one exercise that will help you estimate your level of vibrations by means of your chakra system and, generally speaking, realize what dimension you are in.

So as to master this technique, you had better start doing these exercises in a quiet environment and, which is still better, in a meditative state.

Yet, you should gradually make it a habit so as to track “on the go” your inharmonious state that pulls you back to the third dimensionality again.

Well, let us move on to the exercise itself.

Set a reliable energy shield at yourself, invoke your Spiritual patrons, relax completely, plunge into a meditative state and bring all your chakras to a balance.

For this purpose invoke the Energy of Ascension and let it pass through all your chakras starting with the seventh one and grounding it into your planet’s core.

After that, intently listen to yourself.

If you have done everything right, all your seven chakras will be vibrating at one frequency – that is, in the same and even way.

And now ask your chakras – your subtle sense organs – to show you in succession how they feel in the third dimension, in the fourth and then in the Fifth one.

They are most likely to “show” you the third dimension by chaotic movement in your lower chakras’ area – from the first to the fifth one.

The fourth dimension can be perceived by you as smooth movements or rotation of your fifth and six chakras separately or together.

And, eventually, the Fifth dimension will be echoed in you by pulsing, warmth or rotation of your “golden triangle” connecting your seventh and sixth chakras with the pineal gland.

Do not hurry and feel all the three states keenly.

Interchange your requests randomly until you get your sensations of all the three dimensions automated.

And then gradually start applying this exercise to your everyday life catching occasional “falling out” of the fourth dimension to the third one.

It is now extremely important to remain most of the time in the fourth dimension, which will enable you carefully following all the current events in the world to react calmly to them both externally and internally.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 5, 2020.

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