Ascension in Action (Integration of your bodies)

ascension-in-action-integration-of-your-bodiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today’s message is very important because we’ll be talking about an integration of all your bodies.

If you learn how to do that, your chakra system would be in complete harmony and will reach a new Divine level, because the chakras would stay simultaneously in all your bodies and not only in etheric.

To begin with, imagine yourself as a silhouette with the axis in the center, where all your chakras are located.

Let’s observe it carefully. They are quite large and fill all your inner space.

They have bright, beautiful, intense colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Then add to this vision all your bodies, each of them has the color of its corresponding chakra: physical body – red color, etheric – orange, emotional – yellow, causal – blue, buddhic – indigo, atmic – violet.

And each of the progressive bodies is extended further from the preceding one – in geometric progression.

It is truly a fascinating vision. And that’s exactly how you appear on a subtle plane, dear ones, when all your bodies are completely purified from the energetic impurities, which sometimes cover them as a crust.

Try to see with your inner eye if your bodies appear pure and transparent. But even if you won’t see them, you would surely feel if they need purification.

If they do need that, ask Archangel Michael and all the Higher Powers of the Universe to help you and perform the deep cleansing of all your bodies.

For that, call upon the Flame of Universal Love to do the “major cleansing,” liberating your bodies from all its blocks – accumulation of the negative energies from all alien programs and all astral beings, who might live in your energy space.

And when you feel that they are completely purified, call the energy of Light and Love and ask to fill all your bodies, starting with the physical and finishing with the atmic.

And now look at yourself one more time. Feel yourself as a pure Divine multi-layered vessel, inside of which in the center there are all your seven chakras that are evenly stringed upon the unseen axis.

Enjoy this vision and then do the following.

Imagine that each of your chakras starts to slowly spin clockwise, and as they ascend they increase the radius of their spinning more and more to reach the extended level of its corresponding subtle body.

You’ll experience wonderful sensations – a complete merging of the subtle bodies with their sensory organs.

It will be a truly Divine harmony, which would fill your being with unbelievable bliss, which would ascend in waves from the bottom up. And the greater would be the radius of the turning of your chakras, the more captivating your sensations would be.

That’s exactly how an integration of all your bodies and their merging with their subtle sensory organs occur.

I bless you, dear ones, for mastering this practice, which would be the foundation of your transformation into Divine being, who is destined to live on the new fifth dimensional Earth.

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 16, 2018

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