WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Two sides of “coin”)

window-on-new-world-two-sides-of-coinGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the reason why for recent years a lot of people have had such an enormous leap of conscience towards Light.

As you already know, the Dragon reptiles and their marionettes at the helm have been nurturing the plans for total enslavement of humanity for centuries.

But in the beginning they did it slowly as if stealthily being afraid that people will be able to discern their project.

So, slow but sure they were making the idea of technological progress being inevitable clear to people, the one that will do them good, convinced Earth’s population of necessity of vaccination that will save them from a lot of diseases, were training people to use “miraculous” medicines – chemical preparations that substituted naturally occurring tried for centuries biological means of cure and modified foodstuffs…

And since all this has been made gradually, people were getting used to new life realities as gradually.

And all of a sudden – in three years – their plan’s implementation not simply began to speed up but turned into a panic haste.

It happened, first of all, because they, unlike the overwhelming majority of Earth’s population, were well aware of the fact that Earth is moving to another dimension and that to retard this process is only possible by decreasing her inhabitants’ vibrations as much as possible.

And therefore being concerned about the chances that means of human conscience and physical bodies influence they had at hand would appear not sufficient, they decided to go further.

So, out of the blue there appeared a “fatal” disease and “salvational” mass vaccination, “inevitable” quarantine and masking, which literally plunged people into shock “having pulled them out” of their usual quiet life.

Having locked people at home, they not only deprived them of freedom of actions and travel but also robbed them of the opportunity to communicate with nearest and dearest who are now scattered all around the world in case of many people.

And for many months Earth had been lost in melancholy and depression, diseases and deaths, which made your enslavers ineffably happy.

Yet, as everything in the dual world, this “coin” had two sides, too.

The suffocating atmosphere of total isolation, like litmus paper, made personal qualities of each inhabitant of Earth evident.

And they showed in an intensified – concentrated – way, which is always the case with humans in emergencies.

So, young and inexperienced souls as well as low vibration creatures embodied as humans showed their slavery psychology to a full extent.

While mature and pure human souls, on the contrary, “rose at their full height” not being afraid of the authorities’ anger and doing their best to open others’ eyes to the lies and crimes of the deep state’s marionettes.

This is the time when the flow of the true information befell people, the one about the horrible crimes of those at the helm of the planet and what their plans actually are.

Locked down at home people were readily absorbing huge amounts of this information new to them that was uploaded to the internet like from the horn of plenty.

It happened because by intuition they felt there was some trick in everything that struck them so unexpectedly and not having trust in the mainstream sources started searching for alternative information about the things in progress.

As a result, on Earth there appeared a large segment of mindful people who had managed to stem fear in themselves and embark on the path of liberation from the deep state’s power not only in terms of themselves but of the whole humanity as well.

This time they knew the enemy in the face, which promotes success to some extent.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 16, 2023.

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  1. Tacetin Yetkin says:

    Bingo diyebileceğimiz harika bir mesajınızı daha okuduk. Çok teşekkürler. Uyanmamakta ısrar edenlerle aynı dünyada yaşamak hiç bu kadar zor olmamıştı. Bu daire içinde sevdiklerimizin de olması çok üzücü.
    Şimdi kendim tamamen uyanmış biri olarak görüyor muyum? Elbette ki hayır. Daha çok atılacak adımlarım var. Koşmaya, uyanmaya, fark etmeye ve sevgiye devam.


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