LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Collective consciences tasks peculiarities)

life-on-new-earth-collective-consciences-tasks-peculiaritiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will reveal some details of this or that civilization’s collective conscience influence mechanism on its particles that are souls embodied.

As far as a human soul is concerned, its interaction with its collective conscience is double-sided.

It is explained by the fact that each person is unique and inimitable due to their Divine origin.

And even finding themselves in the third density world, they preserve and augment the enormous experience accumulated by their soul as a result of innumerable incarnations in a variety of worlds.

Thus, getting the energy infeed from its collective conscience a human soul in its turn nourishes it with its distinct individual energy.

It can be compared with communicating “vessels” being in constant interaction.

As for artificially created races, for example, such as reptiloids, their souls interact with their collective conscience in one-sided manner according to the principle of “master” and “slave”.

The reptile race was created by the Dragons with a clear-cut purpose: get human energy and transfer it to their masters, the energy that is the main source of nourishment for this civilization.

But since the “digestive system” of the Dragons can take in energies of low vibrations only, reptiloids created by them were originally programmed for provoking people to produce outbursts of all kinds of negative energies.

Just what they have been doing for millennia being controlled by their collective conscience that prevents them from cutting off from this programme.

How does it show in your relationships?

Sometimes reptiloids are unaware of their actions themselves and do not understand why they humiliate or insult people making rows over trifles as it appears.

It seems to them someone guides their conscience making them do the things they actually do not want to do.

And that is true: as soon as a reptiloid deviates from their programme, invisible puppeteers direct their conscience the way they need, and a reptiloid again starts maltreat others with ungrounded knocks, offensive telling-offs or humiliating remarks striving to make people outburst another portion of negative energies they feed on themselves and supply to their creators.

In other words, collective conscience of reptiloids just as they themselves were created artificially and is some kind of negative energies accumulator that the Dragons who made this collective conscience derive their strength from.

The things are a little more complicated with orion collective consciences that are several because they belong to this or that planet or civilization of the constellation Orion.

Moreover, the Orions are not an artificially crated race. They just like people have a Divine particle but it does not show so far due to the fact that orion souls are at a level of spiritual development that is far lower than that of humans.

It happened because the Orion civilizations I am talking about now have chosen a technocratic path of development to the detriment of their spiritual component.

Their collective conscience is aimed at getting scientific knowledge in all spheres of life and development of new technologies.

This is what the Orions incarnated as humans are mainly busy with.

Being connected to their collective conscience they constantly feel thirst for studies and all sorts of scientific research getting deeply involved in this or that brunch of knowledge.

Thus, even finding themselves in alien bodies being far from their civilizations they try to get as much benefit from their incarnation on Earth as possible and contribute the results of their investigation to their collective conscience.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 3, 2021.

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