LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Orion soul)

life-on-new-earth-orion-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk about one more peculiarity of two souls’ owners that few ever know about.

And at issue will be those representatives of humanity in whose bodies along with Divine human Soul there coexists orion soul.

Such combination is rather common on your planet, and it is such people who often become not just popular but also make significant impact on other people.

Why does this happen?

Featuring high IQ and thirst for knowledge, which is typical of the Orion constellation’s representatives, these souls encourage gaining new and new knowledge and all-round development of the person whose body they incarnated in.

Therefore, among such “half-bred” Orions there are a lot of scientists, inventors and teachers.

It is also facilitated by such qualities of Orions as pride, strive for self-assertion and superiority over others.

These qualities help them attain success and become popular and respected in society.

It would not be bad but for their limited spiritual abilities that prevent them from combining their knowledge and scientific ambitions with moral qualities typical of pure human souls.

In rare cases technocracy and material-oriented approach to life characteristic of an orion soul are smoothed over by the human soul neighbouring it.

In this case a symbiosis like this brings good results – such a person can be quite harmonious and nice to deal with.

Yet, the orion soul is not free. It is always under control of the collective conscience of some civilization from Orion.

And a lot here depends on what planet of the constellation Orion this soul comes from since all of them are at different levels of development.

Most often such souls come from the worlds up till the third dimension as high vibration civilizations’ representatives do not allow themselves to “capture” somebody else’s bodies especially those with a human soul in it.

Therefore, those of you who along with a human soul possess an orion soul have to make a hard choice: keep it as an “engine” of successful life or get rid of it in favour of a pure and light human soul that sometimes lacks business grip that its neighbour features.

What can happen to a person who has evicted an orion soul?

Their vibrations will definitely increase but the life circumstances they find themselves in can change.

And it will happen due to the fact that their spiritual component will come into the picture that is typical of their human soul, not the analytical and material-oriented typical of their orion one.

It can a little change their social status in the third dimension world, influence their career that they will not pay so much attention any more, and their environment will change, too because worldview and world perception of such a person will start transform drastically.

In other words, having broken free from the influence of collective orion conscience, one gains true freedom typical of the pure Divine Soul, which will enable them to make Transition with Earth to a new high vibration space of the Fifth dimension.

And I know, my dear, that many of those who have occasion to live through the unique experience of coexistence of two souls in one body – human and orion – will choose the former one so as to live through the experience even more unique and to move to a new level of existence in their physical body.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 2, 2021.

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  1. Virginia says:

    Me interesa este tema mucho, porque tengo dos almas, pero no me reconozco en todo lo que se dice. Tengo una gran vida espiritual.

    Puede que en algún momento haya hecho la elección de la que se habla, pero soy canalizadora y vibro más lato de la tercera dimensión


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