LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Deliverance of Divine Soul)

life-on-new-earth-deliverance-of-divine-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My today’s message will be addressed to owners of two souls, and I will tell you how you can finally get rid of your low vibration half.

But first, let us once again talk about the way such “duplicity” can be identified.

Have you ever thought that this word has arisen in your language not by chance?

And though in the modern interpretation it means hypocrisy as well as double-facedness, long ago it was used in its direct meaning because in old times people knew that some of them have two souls living in them.

But gradually this knowledge was “ousted” from human conscience by reptiloids again as it was mainly them who turned out to be the very “instilled lodgers” in human bodies.

I know that some of you already know, while some others suspect, there are two souls in their body.

And it is essential here to tell an astral “guest” from another soul actually living inside you.

Their main difference is that the other soul even that of the lowest vibrations acts in a cautious way and influences your human soul and your conscience almost unnoticeably for you, while an astral lodger, on the contrary, tries to show themselves in every possible way.

And while to get rid of unwelcomed astral beings you have already been given a lot of rather efficient practices – such as, for example, self-exorcism, the things are far more difficult in case of freeing from the other soul.

It is explained by the fact that any soul considers human body to be its rightful home that nobody has the right to evict it from.

And to some an extent it is right.

Yet, now on Earth the circumstances are taking a unique turn when it is possible to move to a new high vibration space for a human being with one and only Divine soul.

Therefore, everyone is given a chance to show one’s Free Will and make one’s choice in favour of this or that soul.

And now I will offer you the practice that will help you keep in yourself only your Divine human Soul.

You can do it even if you are not sure you possess two souls – just for your peace of mind.

Well, let us call this practice “Deliverance of Divine Soul”.

For this you should reach quite a deep meditative state and invoke me, all the Higher Powers of the Universe and your Maternal Soul.

Then deep from your heart sincerely thank the other soul for the unique invaluable experience that it helped you to live through and ask it to leave for the worlds it came from.

Ask the Archangel Michael to escort it Home and “seal” your body with a Divine stamp that will become some kind of a “safeguard” against any alien intrusion into your energy space.

Invoke the Flame of Universe Love and ask it to “burn” through the spot in your aura where your other soul used to live thereby purifying your energy space from all the negative energies alien to you.

Then invoke the Energy of Ascension and ask it to fill all your subtle bodies and every single cell of your physical body.

Feel keenly your renewed body…

Feel how nice, cosy and spacious your one and only Divine Soul feels now having got rid of the unwelcomed neighbour…

And only after that you can recover from the meditation.

If you like, you can do this meditation several times.

I bless you, my dear, for this really crucial deliverance that opens new spiritual horizons for you!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 31, 2020.

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