LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Different interests)

life-on-new-earth-different-interestsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message today we will talk about different collective consciences’ interaction in the energy space of an individual – two souls’ owner.

This time we will look into this issue in a broader way and will not identify what souls neighbour each other because on Earth you can come across most diverse and unexpected combinations of souls in physical bodies.

The thing is that not only human souls choose the experience of co-existence with other civilizations’ representatives in one body, and sometimes both the souls like this belong to low vibration civilizations.

Well, what is the principle of two souls’ interaction in one body?

Being made to live in one energy space, each of the “neighbouring” souls tries to get its own benefit and learn its own lessons under such circumstances and it is most often done to the detriment of the other soul.

There is an unceasing “tug-of-war” between them, with each soul trying to get the advantage over the other one.

To help you better understand how it happens, let us consider the following example.

Suppose, an individual who has two souls – human and low vibration one – is watching a programme or reading a book on some spiritual issue.

Their Divine soul is eagerly absorbing the information and is trying to do its best to make this information influence the person as much as possible and guide all their thoughts, emotions and actions the spiritual way.

It begins to cooperate with Safeguard Angel of the person, invoke the help of their Spiritual patrons so that they help to create favourable circumstances at the physical level for this person to make headway on the path to Light at the same time filling this person with high vibration energies.

What is their other soul, for example, reptiloid or orion one, doing meanwhile?

Either of them will do their best to lead one astray from the straight and narrow.

For this purpose a reptiloid soul will refer to astral beings that having penetrated the energy space of the person will lead their thoughts as far from spiritual issues as possible driving them exceptionally material-oriented way thereby decreasing their vibrations.

While an orion soul, more advanced and technocratic, will make one doubt and “demand” scientific proofs persuading the person that without them all the talks on spiritual issues are just meaningless words.

And at this point a lot depends on one’s environment that can participate in the “tug-of-war” at the physical level this time.

If it is light and pure souls, by their energy and moral support they will help the human soul to win over the “dragon” neighbouring it and sometimes to evict it once and for all from their shared physical medium.

While if this person is surrounded by material-oriented and spiritually deprived people who scorn at all their good intentions and spiritual desires, it is quite possible for their other – low vibration – soul to win as it has its native low vibration energies infeed from without.

This is exactly the reason, my dear, to identify in good time those who have potential to find the way to Light but who need your help and support so as to get belief in oneself and not to depend on somebody else’s point of view any more having learnt to listen only to one’s Divine Soul.

And since such “two faced” people (in the direct meaning of the word) are really numerous on Earth, Earth’s Transition to the Fifth dimension is as extended in time as possible providing opportunity to every owner of two souls to get rid of the other low vibration soul and take part in the great experiment of Ascension in the physical body never unseen before.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 28, 2020.

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