world-peaceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And again I have to return to the issue of the military conflict in Ukraine because I see that all your attention is focused on the events taking place there.

But today I would like to call you not to get involved into this information, contradictory and most often biased, that is showering you from everywhere but to get down to practical measures for harmonizing the situation to the greater good of all the humanity.

I would like to offer you a practice that I ask you to do until passions cease and the truth triumphs ultimately this time.

We will call it “World peace”.

For this is what you are striving for, isn’t it?

Now it is important as ever to get rid of separation, blame and aggression as the more you get involved into arguments or reasoning, the more you plunge the world into Dark.

As it has already been mentioned in my messages a lot of times controversy never serves the cause of truth since people are at different levels of conscience, and the thing that is an axiom for one person for another one is an unknown and unreachable summit of understanding.

And it shows especially vividly now when people have found themselves at different sides of barricades where they are sometimes deprived of basic conveniences and their lives are at risk, while the lives of others are not threatened by anything, and they find themselves in their usual comfortable living conditions.

The reason why I offer you this practice is to help you remain ABOVE the situation and not to introduce even more energy chaos to the current events.

And believe me, my dear, if you dedicate enough time to it, the result will be quick and impressive.

It does not require a meditative state but is more of the kind to facilitate your switching over from the physical level to the subtle one.

Well, each time you are about to be overwhelmed by the emotions of injustice of the things in progress or of powerlessness to change anything, invoke the Flame of Universe Love and start purifying your energy space from all the alien negative energies.

Feel this energy like a gentle summer sparkling rain putting out the “fire” of your negative emotions purifying all your subtle bodies…

Then this “rain” is embracing more and more space purifying your city, country, all the continents on your planet and all her inhabitants.

It is washing away all the energy dirt that has accumulated on Earth purifying human conscience and all physical material objects that have absorbed the negative energies that are being generated by many people right now…

It is dissolving the dark that hides the incredible Divine beauty of your planet and the natural innate purity of human souls…

The purified and renewed Earth is reviving again gaining bright colours, while the faces of people are changing and start to emit Love, Sympathy and Kindness…

Imagine this sight as often as possible thereby changing your reality and saving yourselves from danger that the information dirt flows covering over everything around are fraught with.

I ask you, please, do this practice as often as possible!

And you will see the results by all means.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 2, 2022.

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  1. Martine BERGER says:

    Je viens de découvrir votre site, j’ai lu tous les textes des “messages récents” et “meilleures publications” et je suis émerveillée par la logique et la clarté de ces textes, qui me parlent justes et raisonnent avec mon intérieur. Après cette lecture, je me sens à la fois apaisée et dynamisée, c’est une drôle de sensation, un peu magique…
    Un GRAND MERCI à vous tous !


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