LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Quiet harbor in ocean of life)

life-on-new-earth-quiet-harbor-in-ocean-of-lifeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will start learning to distribute energy so as to unite the high vibration space of the Fifth dimension that many of you already exist in by their conscience and the space of the third dimension where you bodies still find themselves.

Since everything around you is energy, you can imagine it as boundless ocean with numerous underwater currents, turbulences, storm areas and quiet harbours.

And all this is constantly moving, merging, mixing and exchanging places all the time…

A third dimension person is used to living in an energy “whirlpool” like this.

It has already become a usual state for them.

Their conscience and physical body have got accustomed to such overloads, have become hardened in endless vibration fluctuations and it has resulted in many people’s turning into “thick-skinned” in terms of energy.

But now the time of subtle perception of reality is coming.

To keep up with new times and new energies people will have to take off layer by layer this “thick skin” that helped them survive in the third dimension world until all their bodies including the physical one gain their original Divine subtle material structure consisting of the energies of high vibrations.

For this purpose you have already been given a lot of practices, my dear, but you treated them just like practices and meditations, that is, like means for temporary shift into the space of high vibrations.

But now you are to learn to live in high vibration energies ALL THE TIME – find your own “wave”, your own “current” in this boundless energy ocean for quiet comfortable existence during the period of your and your planet’s Transition to the Fifth dimension space.

How can you identify your energy level – your vibration limit?

For this you should be as objective towards yourself as possible.

And it is hard to do since humans tend to either overestimated or underestimate their abilities.

But in this particular case it is of great importance to find the golden mean indeed – to identify the state of your soul that is the most natural for you and, consequently, the most comfortable one.

So as to help you better understand what is at issue let us cite the following example.

Suppose, a person is striving for Ascension and lives with only this idea in their mind.

It has already turned into an obsession for them.

They sincerely believe they are completely ready to emerge from the old world that has ceased to exist for them.

Can this condition be called a harmonious one?

Of course not, because a person like this does not value the things they have or enjoy the things available for them at the moment, that is, life “here and now”.

Therefore, not only they discourage the long-awaited Transition but throw themselves back decreasing their vibrations by the energies of impatience and rejection of existing reality.

While some other people, on the contrary, are too self-critical searching for more and more drawbacks and, therefore, think they are unworthy of Ascension.

As a result, one generates the energies of dislike for oneself and disbelief in one’s potential.

So, this condition cannot be called harmonious either.

Well, next time we will speak about the way you can find the “happy medium” with no distortions of this or that kind , which will enable you to find a quiet “harbour” in the outrageous ocean of life for all the period of Transition.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 5, 2020.

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