final-boldnessGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the current situation on Earth.

Nowadays your planet is witnessing the most vigorous energy confrontation that is reaching its final stage.

As you already know, the struggle of the Light and the Dark forces does not cease even for a minute at the subtle level of Earth, as well as at the physical one.

Yet, there is some kind of cyclicity that is determined by many factors, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial ones.

Among the extraterrestrial factors the condition of celestial bodies can be rated – such as, parade of planets, lunar and solar eclipses, full moon and atmospheric phenomena outside Earth such as, for example, solar flares.

All these phenomena in this or that way make influence on your planet’s condition and her inhabitants since they trouble the usual course of the things and throw off the balance the overall energy space of your galaxy.

Yet, even greater influence is made on the condition of Earth and all her inhabitants by the inner energy factors, with social shocks – political and economic crises, wars and revolutions being among them.

The things that are taking place on Earth now can be called general energy collapse because both the Dark forces at the subtle level and their representatives embodied as humans are trying to maintain power on your planet making use now of all methods illegal from the point of view of the Laws of the Universe and universal ones.

Calling things by their right names, dragon-like reptiles who seized your planet have a feeling the end is nigh and have made up their mind to indulge in the end in humiliating people making them admit they are slaves – obedient, speechless, intimidated…

They are reveling in their power and “omnipotence” watching almost the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population dutifully put on face masks, thereby having obliterated their individuality and deprived themselves of the opportunity to breathe in.

While as for those who are trying to confront this absurdity, they are forced to do it, with enormous fines being imposed for disobedience.

Thus, they are enjoying the results of the efforts they have been making for centuries to control human conscience pressing the “buttons” they made themselves.

And right now these Dark forces are raging on Earth as ever.

Being aware of the fact they have nothing left to lose they are trying to bring to completion their devilish plan on total robotization of humanity and are earnestly promoting general vaccination and chipping of population.

For this purpose all over the world there were involved huge armies of clones and low caste reptiloids who are programmed for their life fear and passionate desire to get vaccinated through thick and thin.

It is them who lead by example queuing for vaccines and disapproving of those who reject masking and criticize artificially boosted coronavirus bacchanalia.

Thus, making use of the forbidden methods and relying on the herd feeling of people that has been cultivated on Earth for centuries, they are doing their best to suppress the protests of the pure human souls who have revealed the actual goals of a few nonhumans exercising control over the modern world.

This is the reason, my dear, why it is so hard for you to turn the tide and win over Dark touching the life fear chord of people.

But at present you are being supported by the energies so powerful with their vibrations being so high that no clines, reptiloids or similar to them low vibration livings embodied as humans will be able to withstand them.

Their time is going never to return and the victory of the Light Forces on Earth is coming very soon now.

Therefore, I ask you, please, do not get discouraged whatever hopeless the situation around you may seem.

Remember that it is the death agony of the Dark forces and you can promote their collapse working in terms of energy, which we have discussed a lot of times.

As often as possible pass through yourself the Energy of Ascension, anchor it in your environment thereby helping the Light Forces both on Earth and in Heaven to speed up your common victory.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 31, 2020.

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